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Essential Healing

I sat on my bed, worn out from arguing with my son. Tears streamed down my face as I replayed the scene in my mind, which seemed like the part in "The Exorcist" where Linda Blair's head spins round and round.

"That's what I am, the Exorcist lady," I thought, and I laughed amid my tears.

At that moment I resolved to find a better way to deal with my emotions. I had been moody all of my life, and had been on and off prescribed anti-depressants. But after I discovered yoga, I wanted to find ways to heal naturally.

It has taken Western medicine years to catch on to the concept that emotions and disease are intertwined, something Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years. Dennis Holmes of the Mississippi Oriental Medicine Association says Chinese medicine begins with the belief that disease starts with an emotional attachment. When the chi (life force) is not flowing properly, disease takes root.

"The heart is the king of all organs." Holmes told me, and then quoted from the "Tao Te Ching": "The wise man puts his ear to his heart and ignores his mind."

How often have I ignored my heart and listened to the incessant chatter of my mind?

In my search for natural healing, my spiritual teacher, Tina Michelle, introduced me to essential oils. This was the start of a life-changing experience. Meditation and my daily yoga practice, accentuated with the use of the oils, have finally slowed the chatter down. Peppermint, cypress, wintergreen and marjoram oils also help with the chronic pain I have in my neck and back.

Essential oils are the essence of trees, shrubs, roots, flowers, fruit and seeds, extracted by various methods, says the "Essential Oils Desk Reference." The book states that the most common method is steam distillation, which channels steam into a cooking chamber holding the raw plant material. As the steam rises, the process captures and condenses the essential oil molecules, separating the oil from the water.

Healers and spiritual masters have used essential oils for medicinal and anointing purposes for thousands of years, according to Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts. Even the Bible references essential oils and spices. Exodus, for example, says, "And the Lord said unto Moses, take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum, these sweet spices with pure frankincense ... and make incense." And, most of us know what the three wise men brought the baby Jesus: frankincense and myrhh, both tree essences, and gold.

Essential oils contain hundreds to thousands of different chemicals that give the oils their healing properties. Essential oils can be anti-infectious, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Research published by the University of Georgia, Weber State University, the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, and numerous other journals have documented the ability of essential oils to kill many strains of fungi, viruses and bacteria, including Staphylococcus (which causes lung and throat infections) and even Herpes simplex. Some research has shown that essential oils have the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, and even act as natural chelators, binding to toxins and heavy metals in our bodies, and helping transport them out.

But not all oils are created equal. Some companies add synthetic ingredients or even sell synthetic oils, which do not have the same healing essences. One of the most trustworthy indicators of essential oil quality is the Association French Normalization Organization Regulation. Their standard is very stringent, differentiating therapeutic grade oils from inferior blends. While most people recommend not using undiluted oils directly on the skin, the company I get my oils from guarantees their safety, and even recommends some of them for skin conditions.

Recently, I learned of a practice called the Raindrop Technique, a form of massage therapy that involves dropping essential oils on the spine. I've used the technique to help my friends. When I noticed Dixie limping a few weeks ago, I offered help with her back pain. I performed the Raindrop technique on her, and she says her back feels a lot better.

As for me, I finally understand the reason our Creator put Adam and Eve in a garden.

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Essential Oils May ...

* help chronic pain and headaches
* improve the immune system and digestive function
* increase energy and concentration
* help with weight management
* improve skin disorders
* stimulate endorphin secretion
* improve hormonal balance
* relax the body and mind
* kill bacteria and mold

Source: "Essential Oils Desk Reference"

Oils Add Spice to Romace

Oils with warm, rich scents aid relaxation, calming and dreams, while others are purely romantic. Add a few drops of essential oil to apricot seed oil for a sensual massage.

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