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Queen for a (St. Paddy's) Day

No tiara? No time? No problem. There's a tiara for you 10 minutes (or less) away from wherever you live in Jackson.

Hair Plus Beauty Supply (1335 Ellis Ave. Suite #10, 601-355-3548): You can't go wrong here. There's a huge supply in a showy array of styles and sizes, ranging from $4.99 to $19.99, including some great ones for $10.99, in both gold and silver. And they're easy to find and view.

In Westland Plaza, also on Ellis, you'll find two stores side by side near McDade's: the mammoth Gold Star (947 Ellis Ave., 601-353-0060) and the tiny Super B. Super B has a great variety of tiaras, priced from $5.99 to $24.99 (piled in the first low case on the left). Gold Star's tiaras are $10 to $34.99. Communication with sales clerks may require creativity.

Beauty Depot (1700 Terry Rd. Suite #21, 601-354-0910) also has lots of sparkly tiaras, ranging in price from $6.99 to $23.99. Take 1-20 to the Terry Road South exit, and look for Beauty Depot not far on your right in a corner-style strip mall. And best of all, it's right next door to Shoe Time! (See below.)

Hair Plus (265 Meadowbrook Rd., 601-366-9999) doesn't have the variety found at Hair Plus on Ellis Avenue, but they have at least five different styles for $20 and some smaller ones for $5. I dare you to leave Hair Plus with a mere tiara once you see the fabulous jewelry.

You can find several fine $12.99 and $19.99 tiaras at the Bead Shoppe (4479 N. State St., 601-362-6060) in the strip mall on State Street, between Meadowbrook Road and Northside Drive. And if you've been hankering for a green sequined sun visor or a silver sequined baseball cap, you better hurry because there's only one of each, and both are fabulous ($14.99).

There's another Gold Star (4531 N. State St., 601-363-3333) in Triangle Mart with great tiaras, beginning at $4.95. In fact, they have the finest, showiest tiara in Jackson. It's $49.95, but it's a beauty!

Jaki's Party Store (5404 I-55 N., 601-957-2999) is one of my favorite places in Jackson. The tiaras to see here are made of either plastic or heavy cardboard, but they are all plenty showy from a distance. You'll find plastic bejeweled ones for $3.95 and a taller version for $7.50, and a bunch or silver and gold styles for $10. My favorite is a gold Egyptian one for $18.99. (Here, too, you'll find that sequined Madonna bra you've been looking for, in gold and silver, $36.)

With such glamour on top, you've got to have something spectacular on your feet—it's a matter of balance. For this, you need only go to one place: Shoe Time (1700 Terry Rd., 601-968-8688), next door to Beauty Depot. The sign advertises shoes $9.95 and up, but the sale actually starts at $5.99, and hardly any shoes cost more than $12.50.

At Shoe Time you can choose from green shoes in every shade and heel height—made of leather, plastic, suede, patent leather, sequins, metallic something, fake skins, acrylic, terry cloth, wool, satin, crushed silk and canvas; in solid, polka dot, striped, plaid, paisley, calico and bandana; adorned with buckles, jewels, straps, chains, butterflies, flowers, ruffles, buttons, bows, beads, ribbons and crocheted dolly-wads.

Now, ain't you something!


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