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[Stiggers] Watching You Watch Us

Kunta "Rahsheed X" Toby: "Welcome to 'Why Aggravate a Brother?' It's Ghetto Science Television's new reality series about racial profiling. This episode is sponsored by the law offices of Cootie McBride, Aunt Tee Tee Hustle's Mending the Digital Divide Project, Nurse Tootie McBride Wound Center for Violent Beat Downs and bail bondsman Scooter D.

"Our production team has installed surveillance cameras inside a popular electronics store to witness possible acts of racial profiling by store employees and security. A shabbily dressed but wired-for-audio Brotha Hustle has volunteered to be our decoy.

"As he browses inside the store, cameras will monitor the activity and behavior of the employees. Brotha Hustle wants to purchase a Wi-Fi card for Aunt Tee Tee's refurbished desktop computer. Our ceiling camera spots three employees asking Brotha Hustle if he needs assistance.

"Now a security guard watches Brother Hustle looking at the one-gigabyte jump drive on sale. The security guard trails Brotha Hustle, headed to an available cashier to pay for the jump drive and Wi-Fi card.

"As Brotha Hustle exits the store, an employee at the door stops Brotha Hustle and asks to look at his receipt. Brotha Hustle argues with the employee and refuses to give up the receipt. Someone yells, 'SECURITY!'

"Out of nowhere three security officers beat down Brotha Hustle. We've seen enough; it's time to help a 'brotha' in need. This has been 'Why Aggravate a Brother?'— the show where we watch you watch us."

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