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[Stiggers] You Are Making Us So Hot

Mr. Announcement: "Kunta 'Rahsheed X' Toby and the George Washington Carver Holistic Health Commission of Tuskeegee, Alabama, present 'Global Warming in the Ghetto,' a documentary film about climate changes in poor neighborhoods."

Grandma Pookie: "Right now, city government wants us to ration our water usage. If it doesn't rain soon, the sun and heat will dehydrate my garden. Imagine the headlines on the Ghetto Science Weekly newspaper: 'Ghetto Garden dries up.'"

Lil' Ray Ray: "This global warming, climate change, water rationing and stuff hurt my car detail business. My car detail and rim shining teams must labor in the heat. Last week they cleaned and detailed cars to Nelly's 'It's Gettin' Hot in Here.'"

Man on a front porch: "My momma is inside the house surrounded by five box fans while waving a church fan on herself, and she's sweating. Meanwhile, I'm on the porch waiting for that cool breeze to come."

Nurse Tootie McBride: "Jazz singer Dinah Washington sang these haunting lyrics about 50 years ago:

This bitter earth/What fruit it bears
What good is love/If no one cares
And if my life is like the dust
that hides the glow of a rose
what good am I
Heaven only knows.

"It's five minutes to midnight; our world is dying; and Brotha Hustle needs more Juicy-Juice on ice to re-hydrate dehydrated people. What's a nurse to do?"

Mr. Announcement: "Coming to a theater near you—if the air-conditioning works—'Global Warming in the Ghetto.'"

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