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[Stiggers] Nurse Tootie, Private Eye

Cootie McBride: "The Ghetto Science National Broadcasting Corporation Network presents the premiere of 'To Catch a Predator Who Takes Advantage of Senior Citizens, Racial Minorities, Poor Folk and the Uneducated'. The McBride family and I produced this television program to alert unsuspecting and financially disadvantaged consumers about how they can be deceived and tricked out of their money and possessions. In other words, we're 'Big Brotha' ghetto style.

"Using Aunt Tee Tee Hustle's computerized digital surveillance gadgetry, we've set up a sting operation for a new check-cashing store owned by the Whee Milkem Dry Financial Loan Group Inc. Two weeks ago, Nurse Tootie McBride, our decoy for this operation, postdated a check to receive a $550 payday loan from Whee Milkem Dry. Unable to pay back her loan, she is forced to have her loan 'flipped', or refinanced at approximately 300 percent, and therefore, must pay mo' money.

"Our surveillance cameras have located our decoy, Nurse Tootie, entering the store. As soon as we witness the act of a predatory loan clerk—via our surveillance equipment—Rudy McBride will enter the store to politely confront the store clerk and the Whee Milkem Dry staff. Any retaliation or attempted escape by the staff will result in a hearty rebuke and purse beat-down from the Ladies in Church Hats Union number 711-1/2 (Senior Citizens Bureau).

"Tune in next time when we use Aunt Tee Tee's high definition Webcam to catch two thieves breaking into Grandma Pookie's house."

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Payday loans are the devil! I've done it before, and it's a nightmare when you don't have the money to pay it back the first time around. Flipping is where they get you, especially if it will be months before you can pay it off in full. The worst thing one can do is get another payday loan to pay off the last one. You'll be "milked dry" for years.


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