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Matador Records News

Matador signs Love Of Diagrams. Matador is happier than Donald Rumsfeld holding the Aspartame patent to announce the signing of a worldwide deal with the Australian trio LOVE
OF DIAGRAMS. Guitarist Luke Horton, bassist Antoni Selbach and drummer Monika Fikerle either have record collections very similar to ours (well, the teaming with late 70's/early '80's noise, punk and pop part, not so much the Peter Allan albums) or they've got some kinda scary telepathy thing going on. Or perhaps a little of both. The last band we heard that
combined that love-at-first-listen familiarity and a voice all their own with such panache...well, we're not gonna say their name. Not out loud, anyway.

To date, Love Of Diagrams have released one five song CD EP, 'We Got
Communication' (2004) on the Australian imprint Unstable Ape, a 7" of "No
Way Out" on the UK Passport Label, and a 2003 debut album, 'The Target
Is You' (Unstable Ape)

The band's 2nd full-length album, recorded this past spring with
producer Bob Weston (Shellac, Mission Of Burma) will be available in all
territories on Matador in early 2007. The likelihood of a pre-album EP is
pretty high, but we're still sorting out dates, times, prices, ways to
have the news turn up on someone else's website first, etc.

An Open Letter To The Matador Street Team


Dear Team,
Strong first day numbers for Yo La Tengo's 'I Am Not Afraid Of You And
I Will Beat Your Ass', as expected, what with that fucking whirly-bird
contest and all the good press we paid for. But before you dislocate
your shoulders patting yourselvess on the fucking back, keep in mind that
we're still fighting a losing battle at the big boxes, where this album
is still pretty hard to find.

I'm expecting a progress report no later than 3pm today about what sort
of mischief our regional kids have been up to in the past 24 hours. I
thought we'd made the point that hiding the new John Mayer, Black Keys
and Mars Volta CD's wasn't merely some kind of rock biz sabotage
mission, but could in fact, be framed as an "us vs. them" schism. Indie vs.
major. Indie vs. other indie. Me vs. you. You vs. not having a fucking
job. Please don't make me spell this out for you any further.

I'm also told there is no stock at the Borders on Church Street. Enough
with the excuses, already, it's been five fucking years.

OK. I'm off to lift weights. You can reach me on the Fuckberry. I want
digital pix of those Black Keys and Mars Volta discs hidden in the
country section, I'm not kidding around.
You should be very afraid of me and I will kick your ass.

That was a joke, by the way. You'd better fucking laugh.

Tony Matador

Yo La Tengo

Chart-toppers vs. heart-stoppers, 'I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will
Beat Your Ass' is out now on double gatefoldy vinyl and indestructable
compact disc. "A Perfect Album" says Urb. "shaggy, dreamy, cuddly,
explosive," raves Entertainment Weekly. "Yo La Tengo in full 32-flavors mode"
cried The Onion. "Nothing if not dazzling," declared Pop Matters. "a
bloated, overreaching long-player in the tradition of bloated,
overreaching long-players like Sign O' The Times, Exile On Main Street, and
London Calling." insists Slant.
Hey, what the heck? I liked Exile On Main Street. At least we have some
heavy-handed promotional gimmickry to take your mind off all the
bloated overreaching.

re: Whirlybird contest

Stereogum and Matador Records are going to fly two lucky winners (and
two friends) via helicopter from Manhattan to Jersey City to see Yo La
Tengo play at the Landmark Loews Theater 9/29. The ride will include a
swing around the lower tip of Manhattan, over around the Statue of
Liberty and up to Jersey City. VIP passes will be included. We're not quite
sure what constitutes being a VIP in Journal Square, but you'll be in
the company of Monte Irvin and Red from the Tube Bar.

Please, we're pleading with you to head over to and contribute video footage of yourself
being all threatening and ####. Otherwise, we'll be stuck with a clip from
that guy from the painfully unfunny Tapes & Tapes EPK.

Kelly Reichardts's 'Old Joy', starring Will Oldham and featuring a
score by Yo La Tengo, opens this Friday.

'Shortbus': the new John Cameron Mitchell film, features original score
and parts of "Night Falls on Hoboken", "We're an American Band", and
"The Lie and How We Told It." opens in NY on October 4.

The season premiere of the SciFi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica" is
October 6. As far as we know, no Yo La Tengo music is featured.


9/26 - Washington DC, 9:30 Club
9/28 - Boston, Avalon
9/29 - Jersey City, Loews Theatre
9/30 - Montreal, La Tulipe
10/2 - Toronto, the Phoenix
10/4 - Ann Arbor, Michigan Theater
10/5 - Chicago, the Vic
10/6 - Milwaukee, the Rave
10/8 - Omaha, Sokol Underground
10/14 - Vancouver, Richard's on Richards
10/15 - Seattle, Showbox
10/16 - Portland, Crystal Ballroom
10/19 - San Francisco, Fillmore
10/20 - San Francisco, Fillmore
10/21 - San Francisco, Fillmore
10/23 - Los Angeles, Henry Fonda Theater (all North American dates
feature Why? in support)


from the mailbag:

Dear (Matador)

Hi. I am a citizen of Glagow in Scotland, and my name (as you may see)
is Michael Tough. Interestingly, Yo La Tengo's latest single release in
the UK is entitled Mr. Tough. I have been aware of Yo La Tengo since I
bought their single Danelectro (version 2 of which is on the playlist
for my funeral - when it comes), and have purchased a couple of albums
since, namely Prisoners Of Love and the current I Am Not Afraid Of You.

I tried to purchase the single Mr. Tough, but none of the major or
independent stores in Glasgow had it listed, leading me to believe it is
only available as a download. Would this be correct?
The point I am trying to get round to, though, is this; would there be
any promotional material available for the current single? It is not
every day that a record is realeased with one's name as its title, and
this 'novelty' holds an appeal. I saw some cover art for the single on a
couple of download sites, but am reluctant to print and copy it on to a
t-shirt, for example, for copyright reasons. As I now have the song on
hard copy twice (once on the album and once, ironically, from a free
new-release compilation CD given away by HMV when I bought the album) I
see less need to buy the single if indeed it is available on hard copy.

If there might be any promo items with the Mr. Tough text and imagery
that are lying around the office and looking for a home with a real Mr.
Tough (by name only, and not so much by nature to be honest) then I
would be happy to provide that home and very appreciative. In the
offchance that you could please help me in my quest, may I provide a postal
address upon request at a later time? Thankyou for taking the time to read
this essentially begging letter, and I hope it doesn't bother you .

Mr. Michael Tough

Pavement :

Hang on to your skulls, populace. On November 7, we'll be reissuing
Pavement's mucho neglected classic 3rd album, 'Wowee Zowee', hence
retitled, 'Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition', asa double CD, 31 expanded
song sprawlorama.

Disc 1
01 We Dance
02 Rattled by the Rush
03 Black Out
04 Brinx Job
05 Grounded
06 Serpentine Pad
07 Motion Suggests Itself
08 Father to a Sister Of Thought
09 Extradition
10 Best Friend's Arm
11 Grave Architecture
12 AT & T
13 Flux = Rad
14 Fight This Generation
15 Kennel District
16 Pueblo
17 Half a Canyon
18 Western Homes
19 Sordid [previously unreleased Wowee Zowee session outtake]
20 Brink of the Clouds [Rattled by the Rush b-side]
21 False Skorpion [Rattled by the Rush b-side]
22 Easily Fooled [Rattled by the Rush b-side]
23 Kris Kraft [Father to a Sister of Thought b-side]
24 Mussle Rock [Father to a Sister of Thought b-side]
25 Give It a Day [Pacific Trim EP]
26 Gangsters & Pranksters [Pacific Trim EP]
27 Saganaw [Pacific Trim EP]
28 I Love Perth [Pacific Trim EP]
29 Sentinel [previously unreleased Wowee Zowee session outtake]

Disc 2
01 Sensitive Euro Man [I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack]
02 Stray Fire [previously unreleased Wowee Zowee session outtake]
03 Fight This Generation [recorded March 3, 1994 at Hilversum, Holland]
04 Easily Fooled [recorded March 3, 1994 at Hilversum, Holland]
05 Soul Food [Wowee Zowee jam session w/Doug Easley on piano]
06 It's a Hectic World [from Homage to Descendents tribute album]
07 Kris Kraft [BBC in-studio; Steve Lamacq Evening Session, March 15,
08 Golden Boys/Serpentine Pad [BBC in-studio; Steve Lamacq Evening
09 Painted Soldiers [BBC in-studio; Steve Lamacq Evening Session, March
15, 1995]
10 I Love Perth [BBC in-studio; Steve Lamacq Evening Session, March 15,
11 Dancing With the Elders [from Medusa Cyclone/Pavement split 7"]
12 Half a Canyon [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7, 1994]
13 Best Friend's Arm [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7,
14 Brink of the Clouds/Candylad [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia,
15 Unfair [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7, 1994]
16 Eaily Fooled [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7, 1994]
17 Heaven Is a Truck [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7,
18 Box Elder [live; Wireless JJJ Radio, Australia, July 7, 1994]
19 No More Kings [from Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks comp]
20 Painted Soldiers [from Kids in the Hall in Brain Candy soundtrack]
21 We Dance (alternate mix) [previously unreleased Wowee Zowee session

The sort of lavish, jaw-dropping packaging that you've come to expect
from our previous Pavement reissues? We're on it.

Chavez: The Returnering.

Well, not really. But we are putting out a CD + DVD set, 'Better Days
Will Haunt You' on October 10. There's only one unreleased track, but if
you sing over the top of the rest of 'em, it will almost be like a
whole new Chavez discography.

If you're just too cool for that kind of thing, well, I pity you.

The set will have:

* A triple-gatefold digipak: 2 CDs plus DVD

* Two 28-page books

* The two original studio albums, Gone Glimmering (1995) and Ride The
Fader (1996)

* The non-album B-sides from the "Repeat The Ending" single (1994) and
the Pentagram Ring EP (1995) and compilation tracks from What's Up
Matador (1997) and the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996) albums

* A previously unreleased studio track entitled "White Jeans"

* The 2 mindblowingly audacious and ambitious promo videos, for "Break
Up Your Band" and "Unreal Is Here"

* The 'Boys Making Music... Music Making Men' documentary of the band
touring Europe with Guided By Voices in 1996, with commentary by
legendary Hollywood producer/director Garry Marshall

* Plus other DVD Easter eggs (mmmm, eggs)

the track listing:

Disc One
01 Repeat the Ending
02 Hack the Sides Away
03 Nailed to the Blank Spot
04 Break up Your Band
05 Laugh Track
06 The Ghost by the Sea
07 Pentagram Ring
08 Peeled out Too Late
09 The Flaming Gong
10 Wakeman's Air
11 Relaxed Fit
12 The Nerve
13 You Faded
14 Little 12 Toes

Disc Two
01 Top Pocket Man
02 The Guard Attacks
03 Unreal Is Here
04 New Room
05 Tight Around the Jaws
06 Lions
07 Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
08 Memorize This Face
09 Cold Joys
10 Flight '96
11 Ever Overpysched
12 You Must Be Stopped
13 Theme From 'For Russ'
14 White Jeans

01 Break up Your Band
02 Unreal Is Here
03 Boys Making Music . . . Music Making Men (documentary)

THREE MP3s from the 'Better Days Will Haunt You' double CD-plus-DVD set
are now available for your listening pleasure. The REMASTERED songs are
"The Guard Attacks / Unreal Is Here" tracks 2 and 3 from Ride The Fader
(1996), and "You Faded," a non-album B-side from the long out-of-print
Pentagram Ring EP (1995). Listen at

Cat Power

Perhaps the following is old news. If so, please scroll a few inches
further. If not, pay close attention.

On September 12, Matador re-released the most recent Cat Power album,
'The Greatest'. The reissued version of the album, which you might've
already learned via our print advertisements, feature 3 different
slipcase covers. The album also carries a reduced list price of $9.98.

We'd like to stress the following points:

a) there are no additional songs on this version of the album

b) though we will not try to stop you from purchasing the new slipcase
edition if you already own 'The Greatest', this endeavor is really
directed at persons who've not checked out the album yet.

c) said scheme and accompanying fancy art were prepared with the full
cooperation of Chan Marshall.

If you're of the opinion that dropping the list price on 'The Greatest'
is a curious way to reward the serious Cat Power fans that bought the
album the day it came out, well, you're right. Except we did acknowledge
that portion of the audience with a bonus track on release. And they
got to hear this terrific album for months and months, which isn't a bad
deal, either.

Anyhow, we know this is a sensitive subject. We're not intent on
gouging Cat Power fans, but we are trying to be creative and competitive in a
marketplace where it is becoming increasing hard to maintain the shelf
life of a title for more than a couple of months. We really believe in
Chan and are of the opinion that 'The Greatest' is one of those life
affirming records that we have to get into the hands and heads of as many
people as possible.

For those of you already down with the program, thank you. Seriously.
We hope you'll be as excited as we are by the contents of the new Cat
Power Live Session, an iTunes Music Store exclusive, available now.

track listing :
1. Love and Communication (Acoustic Version)
2. House Of The Rising Sun
3. Wild Is The Wind
4. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Catch Chan on tour:

Wednesday, Sept. 20 Mexico City, Mexico Venustiano Carranza 25 (solo)
Saturday, Oct. 28 Las Vegas, NV Vegoose Festival (with Memphis Rhythm
Band) with Tom Petty, Widespread Panic, & The Killers
Wednesday, Nov. 1 London, UK Roundhouse (with Memphis Rhythm Band)
Friday, Nov. 3 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso (with Memphis Rhythm Band)
Saturday, Nov. 4 Brussels, BE Ancienne Belgique (with Memphis Rhythm
Sunday, Nov. 5 Paris, FR Grand Rex (with Memphis Rhythm Band)
Monday, Nov. 6 Berlin, Germany Volksbhne (with Memphis Rhythm Band)
Tuesday, Nov. 7 Zurich, Switzerland Kaufleuten (with Memphis Rhythm
Thursday, Nov. 9 New York, NY Avery Fisher Hall (solo) Bob Dylan
Saturday, Nov. 2 Barcelona, Spain Primavera Club CCIB

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Pretty Girls Make Graves, as captured in the creative hotbed of Los
Angeles, CA, 4 songs, $3.96. But you can't put a pricetag on the wonderful
feelings deep inside this EP will stir.

1) Pyrite Pedestal
2) The Number
3) Pictures Of A Night Scene
4) Domino Dub Mix

Available now from the iTunes Music Store.

Sunday, Oct. 29: Milwaukee, WI - Mad Planet w/ A Gun Called Tension
Monday, Oct. 30: Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock w/ A Gun Called Tension
Tuesday, Oct. 31: Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballroom w/ She Wants Revenge
Wednesday, Nov. 1: Des Moines, IA - Val Air Ballroom w/ She Wants
Friday, Nov. 3: Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle w/ A Gun Called Tension
Saturday, Nov. 4: Toronto, ON - El Mocambo w/ A Gun Called Tension
Sunday, Nov. 5: Montreal, QC - Club Lambi w/ A Gun Called Tension
Tuesday, Nov. 7: Brooklyn, NY - Northsix w/ A Gun Called Tension
Wednesday, Nov. 8: Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
Thursday, Nov. 9: Washington, D.C. - 9:30 Club*
Friday, Nov. 10: Charlottesville, VA - Satellite Ballroom*
Saturday, Nov. 11: North Myrtle Beach, S.C. - House of Blues*
Monday, Nov. 13: Orlando, FL - The Club At Firestone*
Tuesday, Nov. 14: Atlanta, GA - Earthlink Live*
Wednesday, Nov. 15: Baton Rouge, LA - Varsity Theater*
Thursday, Nov. 16: Houston, TX - Meridian*
Friday, Nov. 17: Austin, TX - Stubb's BBQ*
Saturday, Nov. 18: Dallas, TX - Gypsy Ballroom*
Monday, Nov. 20: Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre*
Tuesday, Nov. 21: San Diego, CA - House of Blues*
dates marked * supporting She Wants Revenge

Jennifer O'Connor -

While we're still reeling from the recent pile of crazy press for
Jennifer O'Connor's 'Over The Mountain, Across the Valley and Back to the
Stars' (eg. "Sister", being hailed today by Pitchfork's Stephen Deusner
as "one of the most genuinely affecting pop songs you'll hear all
year"), we're even happier to share the following : 4 of the album's gems,
recorded in stripped-down form for The Daytrotter Sessions.

Jennifer writes from that romantic place we like to call "the road":

"We played out first show of the tour last night in Madison WI with
Mason Jennings and his band - who are super sweet boys from Minneapolis.
We played in an old theater that sort of felt like a school gymnasium -
and they had my name on the marquee outside which was pretty cool as
this was a first for me.

The people in Madison were so nice that it was a little bit
disconcerting. I think this may mean that I've been living in NYC for too long.

Arabella and I drove for 3 days to get to the show. We listened to a
lot of Prince, Elliott Smith, 50-Cent, & Sleater-Kinney. I left my wallet
in a McDonald's bathroom in Painesville, OH (that's right,
Painseville), drove for an hour, realized I was without wallet...and then actually
tracked it down and got it back with all money and credit cards intact.
That was a close call.

Off to Urbana, IL tonight."

September 21 - Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville, FL
September 22 - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 23 - Common Grounds, Gainsville, FL
September 24 - The State Theatre, St. Petersberg, FL
September 28 - Walter's On Washington, Houston, TX
September 29 - Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX
September 30 - Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX
(above dates supporting Mason Jennings)

October 11 - North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
October 13 - Mercury Lounge, NYC, NY
October 14 - Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
October 15 - Bar Night Club, New Haven, CT
(above dates supporting Portastatic)

October 23 St. Louis, MO Washington University with Mountain Goats
October 24 Springfield, MO Randy Bacon Gallery with Mountain Goats
October 26 Norman, OK The Opolis with Mountain Goats
October 27 Lubbock, TX Jake's Back Room with Mountain Goats
October 28 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves with Mountain Goats
October 29 Austin, TX The Parish with Mountain Goats
October 31 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon with Mountain Goats
November 1 Birmingham, AL The Bottle Tree with Mountain Goats
November 3 Atlanta, GA The Earl with Mountain Goats
November 4 St. Augustine, FL Cafe Eleven with Mountain Goats
November 6 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder with Mountain Goats

New Pornographers

After enriching the lives of several thousand Austinites at last
weekend's Austin City Limits festival, the New Pornographers proceed to
Pimlico Raceway for next Saturday's V Fest. I've asked them to leave a
wreath for that poor horse with the broken leg, but there might be a ban on
wreaths at the airport these days. Following the big day out,
Maryland-style, the band moves on to the following:

10/7 New York NY New Yorker Festival Neko Case performing with band
10/14 Winnipeg MB Garrick Ctr at the Marlborough Novillero, Immaculate
10/16 Saskatoon SK Odeon Event Center Novillero, Immaculate Machine
10/17 Edmonton AB Red's Novillero, Immaculate Machine
10/18 Calgary AB MacEwan Hall Ballroom Novillero, Immaculate Machine

Todd Fancey's solo project Fancey will be playing the ASCAP showcase in
Boston for the Nemo festival on September 29th at Bill's. Fancey are
currently mixing their sophomore album.

Brightblack Morning Light

Nabob writes:

"Over the past few years I have accumulated almost $1000.00 in fines
for "Illegal Swimming." In reality I wasn't swimming at all, I was
exercising my Freedom Of Religion on publicly owned, albeit ancient
collections of water in Northern California.

Prayer from within water is very ancient, as our human bodies are
almost 90% water, and the Earth itself is a majority water. By this
realization, in placing our bodies within water, we lose attachment to the
flesh, increasing the chances of alignment to our own individual inner

Today these local lakes are primarily used for drinking water, and with
the new financial boost given to Homeland Security, these public lands
have become highly patrolled areas by law enforcement. They actually
use tax dollars to fly airplanes over the lakes, taking photographs of
any human activity!

I am proud to announce the dismissal of all the fines accrued! This is
a result of writing a letter to the State Of California, relaying that
the State Of California is less than 200 years old, and that people
have been gathering to pray beside & within collections of water for
thousands of years in Northern California. Namely the Miwok, Olemah, Yurok
and Klamath tribes of the California Coast. In reality these pristine
collections of water are older than the established laws of the State of
California. Our collective interaction with these ancient wild places
is a birthright worth fighting for, and is indeed older than any
state-derived law."


Sunday, Sept. 24: Vancouver, BC - Plaza Nightclub*
Monday, Sept. 25: Seattle, WA - Neumos*
Tuesday, Sept. 26: Portland, OR - Aladdin Theatre*
Thursday, Sept. 28: San Francisco, CA - Slim's*
Friday, Sept. 29: West Hollywood, CA - The Roxy*
Saturday, Sept. 30: Pioneertown, CA - Pappy & Harriets*
Tuesday, Oct. 3: San Diego, CA - Casbah*
Friday, Oct. 6: Arcata, Ca - Humboldt State University - appearing with
Alejandro Escovedo, the Pine Leaf Boys
* - with Mojave 3

Saturday, October 21, Manchester, Night & Day

Mission Of Burma

Like a shrinky-dink in reverse, Matador Records will turn your poor,
torn ticket stubs from postage-stamp-sized refuse into mighty wall art.
Or at least we will if those ticket stubs come from Mission of Burma's
upcoming West Coast tour.

That's right, attendees of the band's September shows can mail their
ticket stubs to our offices, where we put them through our patented
"Post-Er-Punk" process. The details of how it works are something of a trade
secret (let me just say that the technology wouldn't be possible
without the triumph of capitalism in the Russian centrifuge market), but the
results are not: two full-size Mission of Burma posters. One of them is
the Shepard Fairey designed "Obliterati" poster, while the other is a
highly collectable memento from 2004's "OnOffOn." We will send both of
them to you, for free, because that's how much we care.

Just mail your ticket stubs to the following address:

Matador Poster Giveaway
625 Broadway, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Make sure to write your return address on the envelope, and we'll do
the rest

Wednesday, Sept. 20 - San Francisco, CA - GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL*
Friday, Sept. 22 - Los Angeles, CA - TROUBADOUR*
Saturday, Sept. 23 - San Diego, CA - BRICK BY BRICK*

We've now posted the Donna Sumeria MP3, for the handful of you who've
found 'The Obliterati"'s charms elusive.

Roger Miller's current tour diary can be found at the obscure online
music site


You can't spell "wow" without "owwwwwwwwww" and Matmos have audiences
across Europe screaming one or both words at the very moment. They'll be
bring their tour in support of 'The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A
Beast' to the following North American venues next month.

10/5 Chicago IL Cassidy Theater So Percussion
10/6 Columbus OH Wexner Center So Percussion
10/7 Pittsburgh PA New Hazlett Theatre So Percussion
10/8 Toronto ON Music Gallery So Percussion
10/9 Toronto ON Music Gallery So Percussion
10/10 Montreal QC National So Percussion
10/11 Philadelphia PA International House So Percussion
10/12 Boston MA Museum of Fine Arts So Percussion
10/13 New York NY Thalia Theater at Symphony Space So Percussion
10/14 New York NY Thalia Theater at Symphony Space So Percussion
10/17 Los Angeles CA Jensen Rec Center So Percussion
10/18 San Francisco CA Great American Music Hall So Percussion
10/20 Portland OR Holocene So Percussion
10/21 Seattle WA Triple Door So Percussion

A limited edition 12" of "Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan" (remixed
others our promotion and marketing departments have deemed to be
extremely good looking.

We've just posted an mp3 of "Larry Levan" from The Rose Has Teeth In
The Mouth Of A Beast. Listen to it at

Laura Cantrell

Forthcoming live activity:

11/1 Brooklyn NY Southpaw with Tim Easton, A. Moore, and Steve Earle


You might not be aware, but the Matador label now has an erratic, hard
to follow blog (, just like so
many other lonely, possibly crazed individuals across the globe. At
first, we thought about devoting it to one of the label owners' poetry +
extensively cataloging his VHS tape collection, but then the thought
occurred...what will he do during business hours? Anyhow, the Matablog is
off to a snappy start and we'd be very pleased if you stopped by
whenever you're tired of reading genuine news.

Listening (and other) Habits:

Christy Simpson, Beggars Group

Things I enjoyed this summer

1. Becoming a home owner!
2. Pork belly BLT at Stone Park, Brooklyn
3. Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir by Lisa Crystal Carver
4. Bean Sprout Chow Mein at Szechuan Chong Qing, Vancouver
5. Everything at Gyoza King, Vancouver
6. Meeting Hoa Bleakley & Vincent Thurier (and, of course, hanging with
Oliver Harmon at the outdoor shows!)
7. Belle & Sebastian, July 4th at Battery Park, NYC
8. UCB at SummerStage, NYC
9. The New Pornographers & Spoon at Bumbershoot, Seattle
10. Baby Dee dressed as a giant bumble bee at Matt & Johanna's wedding,
Big Sur, CA

Jennifer Lannchart, Beggars Group

Watching: Still obsessed w/ Wong Kar Wai. 2046 was the latest & I LOVED
Weeds, Entourage, Season 3 of Arrested Development(so good, no wonder
it got cancelled!?)
In the theatres: Little Miss Sunshine, A Scanner Darkly & hopefully
lots more, as I'm heading up to Toronto Film Fest. tomorrow.

Reading: Kafka on the Beach, a the fifth Harry Potter book, & starting
Listening to the new Joseph Arthur, Nuclear Daydream-AMAZING, The
Legends, Hot Chip, Kompakt 7.

Jan De Mars, Beggars Group

the minutemen / we jam econo dvd (plexifilm)
tortoise / a lazarus taxon (thrill jockey)
snowden / anti-anti (jade tree)
triosk / the headlight serenade (leaf)
blood brothers / young machetes (v2)
pinback / nautical antiques (ace fu)
mastodon / blood mountain (warner)
the necks / chemist (rer)

Zoe White, Beggars Group

Treacle. Fabulous little cake shop in East London that I'd love to
replicate one day... so much better than Magnolia... (

Children Collide. Truly awesome band from Melbourne... catch them live
in the UK this October... (

House - the TV show. Never been in to the whole medical drama thing,
but loving Hugh Lawrie in this.

New season range of Camper shoes! Cute.

Bingo. I'm serious.

Reading Festival catering. Never disappoints.

Writing Complaint Letters. And then getting Free Stuff. Excellent.

Topshop sale. Buy one get one free. Why have they never done this back
home in Australia?! Never book a hotel without consulting the reviews on
this site.

Finally getting to see both Camera Obscura and Sparklehorse next month.
In the space of a week.

Joel Hunt, Beggars Group

Good Stuff:

1. Mets still in first!
2. Sebadoh, III(Domino) 2CD
3. Fucked Up's cover of "Since U Been Gone"
4. Magik Markers live at The Hook 8/5 and ERMP 8/12
5. The Weird Weeds, Weird Feelings(Sounds Are Active) CD
6. Ratatat live at Bowery Ballroom 9/5
7. Awesome Color, s/t (Ecstatic Peace!) CD
8. The Fix, At the Speed of Twisted Thought(Touch and Go) CD
9. The Bagel Cafe in Las Vegas, NV
10. The Dead C., Vain, Erudite and Stupid(Ba Da Bing!) 2CD


1. R.I.P. James Tenney
2. R.I.P. Pip Pyle (of Gong)
3. Dinosaur Jr. getting their gear stolen just hours after playing an
awesome set at Warsaw in Brooklyn
4. Not going to Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Fest
5. Assorted First-World problems

Miwa Okumura, Beggars Group

Modern Times by Bob Dylan
Post-War by M. Ward
Classics by Ratatat
Game Theory by Roots
Gulag Orkestar by Beirut

Jeremy P. Goldstein, Beggars Group

1. The yearly August run of the Oakland Athletics. THAT is good times,
my friends.
2. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas. Still.
3. Fiamma Osteria. Looking for high-end Italian in NYC? Look no
4. Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You. Classic '90s guitar
mayhem available again on CD. Who'da thunk?
5.Manchester United's start to the 2006 Premiership campaign. Could
still use a midfielder and a striker, though.
6. Various - The World Is Gone. Imagine UNKLE's Psyence
with a shroud of mystery surrounding it.
7. popscene's 10-year anniversary extravaganza. It was really the
11-year, but never mind that. The little club we started 11 years ago is
still going strong!
8. The Sunshine Underground - Put You In Your Place EP. The new
Stone Roses?
9. Sea Salt, Minneapolis. Minnesota has better fish tacos than NYC.
10. Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock. Finally
available on CD!

Birgit Heuzeroth, Beggars Group

1. Hush Puppies The Trap
2. Yo La Tengo I am not afraid of you
3.Basement Jaxx Live supporting Robbie Williams
4. The Pipettes We Are The Pipettes
5. Razorlight - Razorlight
6. Wolfmother Wolfmother
7. HTRK Marry Me Tonight
8. TV On The Radio live at Highfield Festival, Erfurt
9. Devastations Live at White Trash, Berlin
10. Sportfreunde Stiller '54, '74, '90, 2010 (the unofficial world cup

Mike Holdsworth, Matador Records

Vetiver - To Find Me Gone
Messthetics Greatest Hits The Sounds Of D.I.Y. 1977-1980
Bob Dylan - Modern Times
Ali Farka Toure - Savane
Console - Mono
Delroy Wilson - Run Run
Varoius Artists - Version Dread

Dave Martin, Matador Direct

Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) New recordings CDR
Black and Whites CDR
Victoria Lucas Hit The Ground Running Fast CD
Leather Uppers Ok Don't Say Hi LP & Bright Lights & Live
Demon's Claws Live In Spring Branch Texas LP
Haunted George Panther Howl LP
Home Blitz Live Outside 7"
Extra Golden Ok-Oyot System LP/CD
Miss Alex White & Chris Playboy Live 12"
Buddy Holly The Complete... 9 LP box
Rainy Day Saints Diamond Star Highway LP/CD
The Fix At The Speed Of Twisted Thought... CD
Kawaguchi Masami New Rock Syndicate CDR
Time Flys Reality Is A Rock Band 7"
Homostupids The Glow 7" EP
Necropolis The Hackled Ruff & Shoulder Mane LP/CD
Ali Farke Toure Savane
Carbonas S/T LP
Washington Phillips What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? LP
V/A Last Kind Words (1926-1953) LP
Tank War Of Attrition: Live 1981 LP
Tank The Return Of The Filth Hounds: Live LP

Ruairi Gilmore, Matador Records

Peter Bjorn & John "Writer's Block"
Boris "Dronevil: Final"
Burial "Burial"
Tortoise "A Lazarous Taxon"
Tinchy Stryder "I'm Back U Know"
Boxcutter "Oneiric"
Marit Larsen "Don't Save Me"
Justin Timberlake feat TI "My Love"
Mastodon "Blood Mountain"
The Spinto Band "Nice And Nicely Done"
The Dead C "Erudite and Stupid: Collected"
Various "Kompakt Total 7"
The Necks "Chemist"

Patrick Amory, Matador Records

Shearwater - Palo Santo (Misra CD)
AC/DC - Live at the Atlantic Studios (Atlantic promo LP)
Bach - Brandenburg Concertos/Ristenpart (Discophiles Francais mono dbl
Roy Harper - Bullinamingvase (Harvest UK LP)
Gene Clark - Gene Clark (A&M LP)
Boris - Pink (Southern Lord dbl LP)
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways (Lost Highway LP)
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band - Willie Alexander and the Boom
Boom Band (MCA LP)
Phil Ochs - Tape From California (A&M LP)

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records

Drinking Black Coffee (stare at the walls, etc.)
The Year Of - Slow Days (Morr Music)
Steffan Basho-Junghans - Last Days Of The Dragon (Wooden Guitar/Locust)
Slayer - Christ Illusion (Pimps & Hose)
David Bazan - Fewer Moving Parts (Jade Tree)
Shearwater - Palo Santo (Misra)
The Dead C. - Vain, Erudite & Stupid (Badabing)
Oneida - The Wedding (Jagjaguar)
Mr. Lif - 'Mo Mega (Def Jux)
hearing Dead Meadow on "The Wire"
Martin Short on "The Colbert Report"
Ralph Kiner coping with senility better than Keith Hernandez
Lady Anchor-Humans. What will they think of next?
Northern California
bad news : Miller Lite's "Man Law" commercials. Unless and until they
replace Triple H with The Kid From Brooklyn, they've got no credibility
with this man (spelled M-A-N).

Keep listening!

Matador Records

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