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Why Is This Man Smiling?

Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen won't be working when the Lions lose to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The team suspended Cullen for Game 1 after he was arrested for pulling up to the drive-through window of a Dearborn, Mich., Wendy's in his SUV and ordering a single combo — in the nude. The team was apparently willing to overlook this little escapade, but took action after Cullen was arrested again on Sept. 1 (in Dearborn) for drunken driving.

Longtime Rebel watchers will recall that Cullen was a member of Ed Orgeron's first staff at Ole Miss. Not for long, though. Cullen was fired in March 2005 after being arrested for public drunkeness at an Oxford Subway restuarant. Fast Food Nation should revoke Cullen's membership. Cullen filed a claim against Ole Miss for wrongful termination, seeking $434,000. He and the university later reached a settlement.

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Cullen is an idiot. To say he has a drinking problem is an understatement. He is such a bad coach that for several years he could only be hired by Dinardo at LSU and Indiana. When he was at LSU, they had the worst defense in LSU history under Tepper. this was a D line that Cullen coached that had Jarvis Green on it. He is all about screaming. He does not coach, teach, work on fundamentals. He screams on the field, screams in the locker room, screams in practice. During pre game warm ups we'd hear him loud and clear on the field. the fact that only Dinardo and then a sorry franchise like the Lions will hire him says it all about his coaching ability.


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