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[Band In A Box] Hypnotic Chickens

Date Formed: 2001

Principals: Paul Tucker-vocals/guitar; Pat Cochran-guitar; Chet Hix-bass; Larry Morrisey-drums; with: Bobby Anderson-guitar/vocals; Brad Walker-bass.

Musical Influences Most Apparent in Your Sound: Flamin' Groovies, Flaming Lips, the Stooges, the Stones, the Who, Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Fat Possum Records, Tav Falco, Alex Chilton, Big Star, Dan Penn, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, the Lyres, the Oblivians, 68 Comeback, American Death Ray, the Woggles, the Phantom Five, the Penetrators, Tim Lee, Bobby Sutliff, the Windbreakers, the Beat Temptation, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Gun Club, Skip James, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, Crypt Records, Midnight Records, Big Monkey Records, Brian Jones, Kieth Richards, Mick Taylor, Gram Parsons, Byrds, Billy Childish, the Sonics, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Television, Richard Hell, the Heartbreakers, among others.
Not-So-Apparent Musical Influences: Makers Mark and the Shire Corporation
Non-Musical Inspirations: Strattera by Lilly
Past Bands/Persons You Have Performed With: Various members of the Hypnotic Chickens have done time in the following legendary Mississippi bands: The Malt Liquor Kings, the Sky-Pilots, Oedipus and the Mother Lovers, the Hustlers, the Suede Gods , the Piccups , the Bovine Shredders, the Preacher's Kids, the Suede Gods, Cornflake, Radio London, Funhouse, the Workin' Muthas, the Russells, the Put-Ons, the Tuff Luvs.
What You're Listening To: Anything, from punk rock to free jazz.
When Not Making Music: When not making music, the members of the Hypnotic Chickens are known for being involved and making an impact in the local community.
Favorite thing to do in Mississippi when you are bored: Hypnotizing Chickens! Here's how: Place the bird on its side with a wing under its body and hold it down gently. Make sure its head is flat on the table. To hypnotize the bird, use one finger of the free hand, moving the finger back and forth in front of the bird's beak from its tip (without touching it) to a point that is about four inches from the beak. Keep the finger in a line parallel to the beak.
Current/Upcoming Offerings: Stay tuned for the new CD "Exile On State Street" coming soon from Popaholic Records.
Booking Info: [e-mail missing] or call 601-981-7791 or 601-842-3410. www.HypnoticChickens.com


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