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"Celebration Castle," The Pony's

The Pony's stormed on the post-punk scene last year, from Chicago, and quickly gained a reputation for tight, high-energy live shows, and a great debut record. The Pony's are back pumping edgy and accessible DIY garage pop punk, with a retro dash of early Cure, Modern Lovers and Joy Division. At first listen "Celebration Castle" may not seem as lightning hot as their debut, but The Pony's deliver some fun riffs. They nostalgically remind anyone that grew up jamming to the Pixies, the Buzzcocks, Television and the Velvets, that it's about the intensity and attitude of the groove generated. Get it so you can chant and shout along to "We Shot the World" the next time Robert Arender brings them to town. -- Herman Snell and Alex Slawson


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