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Super Furry Animals Reissued

For years, Wales' Super Furry Animals have been stunning US audiences with their creative integrity and unfaltering artistic prowess. But SFA-lovers in search of the band's back-catalogue have been hitting brick walls for years, relegated to rummaging through used CD bins and hunting on eBay. Until now! With the re-release of these long-lost records, fans will rejoice and a new younger American audience will discover what fans have known for years…

Super Furry Animals are the rarest of musical breeds: Politically charged, musically progressive, unfalteringly fun-loving and never bland. Unequivocal longevity has built them a reputation for being a musical treasure of epic proportions. Thanks to the XL/Beggars Group re-releases on MARCH 22, their legacy can live on.

(originally released 1996)
Fusing together pop melodies, psychedelia, and art rock with an impish, punky fury, the band covers more ground on their debut album, Fuzzy Logic than most indie bands do in their entire career.

Bonus tracks:
"Organ yn dy Geg" € "Cyrs Ti" € "Lazy Life" € "Death By Melody" € "Waiting to Happen"

RADIATOR (originally released 1997)
Radiator heralded the SFA's full time arrival on the music scene and for some it's considered to be their best album. Maybe that's because Radiator can be viewed as the band's defining moment. The fact that the pace, quality and originality of the SFA experience has rarely been anything else since makes for the alternative idea that the album is actually a keystone in an impressively strong body of work rather than the band's penultimate musical act. An essential starting point for any newbies.

Bonus tracks: "Mu-tron" € "No K" € "Foxymusic" € "Hit & Run" € "Wrap it Up"

GUERILLA (originally released 1999)
The last SFA to be released on Creation in the UK, Guerilla is a blend of Calypso, drum'n'rock, techno, pop, and the exploration of technology and alien life forms. (psst… If you rewind track one until your CD player registers a negative timing of around minus 5 minutes, then let go of the rewind button, you'll uncover Guerilla's secret track, "Citizens Band!")

Bonus tracks:
"This, That and the Other" € "Misunderstanding" € "Ms. Spector" € "The Matter of Time" € "Colorblind"

MWNG (originally released 2000)
SFA's all-Welsh classic! After the demise of Creation Records, the band recorded Mwng (translates to "mane," as in a horse's). Written and sung in Welsh, it was put out on the band's own label, Placid Casual in the UK. The album reached #11 in the UK album charts, becoming the highest selling Welsh language album. Mwng is certainly one of SFA's best albums.

This new reissue comes with a whole bonus DISC of SFA rarities:
"Cryndod yn dy Lais" € "Trons Mr Urdd" € "Calimero"
"Sali Mali" , "(Nid) Hon Yw'r Gan Sy'n Mynd I Achub ry laith"

A VERY rare B-sides and rarities album that's not your average collection of misfits and rejects. It stands on its own as a superb work of creative genius.

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