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[Stiggers] Please Sir, How About Some Change?

The Ghetto Science Team and the George Washing Carver Holistic Health Commission of Tuskegee, Ala., present Grandma Pookie's year-end radio address to the "peoples" from the rigged ham-radio station inside Lil' Ray-Ray's detail shop.

Grandma Pookie: It's the end of the year—a time for CHANGE. Or shall I say, "A time for CHAINS!" And with all these CHANGEs going on regarding Medicaid, Social Security and the economy, working po' folks have become even weaker links because "ain't nothing going on but the rent" plus very high utility bills and the cost of living. The financially burdened citizen is like a prisoner on a ball and CHAIN.

Nevertheless, the burning question is: Who advances financially when cash-advance businesses let people hold a couple of hundred dollars until payday? Also, anyone noticed that our government has fixed the working person's income by limiting overtime? CHANGEs in our ability to earn money CHAIN us to poverty, like Bone Qweesha's older brother, Philmo, the former urban professional whose job was outsourced. I saw him on the streets beggin'. He asked this CEO, "Please sir, how about some change?" The CEO replied: "Don't you like things the way they are now?"

My fellow ghetto citizens, don't let CHANGE hold you back. The CHAIN of events of the past four years should motivate us to CHANGE the way we do things. Let's work together to make 2005 a better year as G.W. makes the world go 'round.

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