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Mayor Johnson Weekly Newsletter 1/14

Smith Wills Stadium to Get State-of-the-Art Turf

2004 Crime Numbers Released. Today, Jackson Police Chief Robert Moore announced that crime in Jackson decreased 21% in 2004 from the previous year. Seven of the eight categories of major crime, as reported to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR), showed a decrease in crime. Homicide was the only category to increase.

Types of Crime 2003 2004 % Increase or Decline

Criminal Homicide 45 52 16%

Rape 179 165 -8%

Robbery 962 678 -30%

Assault 462 376 -19%

Burglary 4369 3401 -22%

Larceny — Theft 8323 6850 -18%

Auto Theft 2804 2026 -28%

Arson 59 52 -12%

Totals 17,203 13,600 -21%

"The decrease in overall major crime correlates with the national trends. The FBI reports that for the first half of 2004 both violent and property crime decreased across the country," said Moore.

This is the second lowest number of major crimes reported in the last 24 years. In 1986, the lowest number of major crimes reported — 12,600 — was recorded.


The Jackson City Council voted on an order accepting a bid from Specialty Surfaces International, Inc. for the Smith Wills Turf Replacement Project this past Tuesday. This project will install infield and outfield turf to cover a total of 110,000 square feet.

The artificial turf will enhance the stadium's marketability by truly enabling it to be a multipurpose facility able to accommodate concerts, all types of sporting events (football, soccer, tennis, softball and baseball) and other endless possibilities.

Work to install the turf should begin soon. An example of the turf can be seen at Millsaps College's Harper Davis Field locally.


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