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Kill Rock Stars News

THE MAKERS will be entering the studio in early March '05 to work on their tenth full length (their second for Kill Rock Stars). The boys are set to work with the legendary Jack Endino who also recorded their first release for KRS, Stripped. This will be their first CD of all new material in three years!

"The Makers didn't just get in on the ground level of the garage rock revival. To an arguably large degree, they were the ground level, taking the raw, rebel-rock sound of Detroit circa '73, a fiery, Stones-Doors mash-up championed by The Stooges, and driving it full-speed into the future." - SF Bay Guardian

Following the recording, they will be heading out on a U.S. tour in April '05. Dates for that are forthcoming. I'll be in touch as they are confirmed.

In the meantime click on the link below for an exclusive mp3 off of Stripped for the fantastic "Leopard Print Sissy: and check out their updated bio below.

The Makers
The Makers are an American Garage Band. Formed in 1991, while still in their teens, The Makers hail from the city of Spokane, a small blue-collar town in eastern Washington State. Brothers Michael and Donny along with their two oldest friends Jamie and Jimmy were raised on a strict diet of traditional blues, 50's R&B, 60's rock, 70's punk, and whatever else they could find at the local thrift-stores. An explosive live show combined with the occasional violent altercation cemented their early reputation as "garage punk misfits." Back when The Makers were playing amphetamine-driven Kinks covers, wearing four-button suits, and being pelted with beer cans, the rest of the world was wearing flannel and grooving to Pearl Jam. Years later, however, these misfits would become respected figures in the garage/punk underground due to a fantastic run of sneering, primitive LP's: "Howl", "All Night Riot", "The Makers", "Hunger" and "Psychopathia Sexualis".
They've recorded well over 200 original songs on labels such as Sub Pop, Estrus, Sympathy For The Record Industry, and now Kill Rock Stars.
They've toured the world extensively, playing with other like-minded bands such as The White Stripes (USA), Billy Childish (UK), The Hellacopters (Sweden) and Guitar Wolf (Japan).
Long before the "New Garage" phenomenon hijacked the mainstream, The Makers were touring in a 1965 Pontiac HEARSE and sounding like some cross-bred mutant child of The Stooges and Small Faces. For sheer energy and bravado, the boys from Felony Flats remain untouchable. Their unrepentant style and swagger is not a "show" or some carefully planned contrivance - it's their life's blood. They've been walkin' the walk for over ten years.
The Makers' music (and fashion sense) directly influenced Mooney Suzuki and unknowingly paved the way for other contemporary racket-makers such as The Hives and Jet.
In 2000, The Makers confounded any thoughts of pigeonholing theirs as merely a garage rock phenomenon with the release of their high-falutin' double-album concept recording "Rock Star God" which put them on top of college radio playlists and critics' top ten lists worldwide. Admired by the likes of Joey Ramone, Jon Spencer, R.E.M., Marilyn Manson, Billy Childish and Jello Biafra, The Makers have always pushed their musical boundaries far beyond expectation. David Fricke's 4-star review in Rolling Stone magazine declared: "On Rock Star God, The Makers strut their stuff like they rule, right here, right now".
In 2004, The Makers are revisiting their roots. "Stripped" is the raw unfiltered Makers. Once again, The Makers are back on the hard stuff. This record will set your rectum on fire. It is the sound of suicide, desperation, drunken parties, and suburbia burning. This record will make your head pop-off and spiral into the gutter while your gonads dance a crazy Ukranian jig. With new drummer Jimmy Maker (ex-Cramps) on board, The Makers are just hitting their stride. Recorded by legendary rock producer, Jack Endino, this is 16 of the best and most often requested songs The Makers have ever performed, along with a few new ones just for kicks. The Kings of Garage are back to reclaim the crown. Hail Hail Rock 'n Roll Motherfucker!!

- Vic Mostly

Kill Rock Stars

January 25:
Stereo Total "Do the Bambi" CD

February 22:
Nedelle "From the Lion's Mouth" CD
Jeff Hanson "s/t" CD

March 22:
The Decemberists "Picaresque" LP/CD
The Robot Ate Me "On Vacation" 2CD (5RC)

April 12:
The Old Haunts "Fallow Field" LP/CD
Metalux LP/CD (5RC)

Delta 5 reissue CD
V/A "Otis' Notices" CD (sampler)
The Punks
The Planet The
Need New Body
Anna Oxygen
Xiu Xiu
Hella DVD
The Makers
Gravy Train!!!!



Will Hit the Road For 6 Weeks Beginning February 1

New Full Length Studio Album To Be Released This Summer

Boston street punks The Unseen have just signed with Hellcat Records and will release their new full length studio album produced by Dropkick Murphys Ken Casey early this summer. Their Hellcat debut comes on the heels of their 2003 release Explode (BYO), The Unseen's most proverbial album to date.

Formed in the mid-90s, and influenced by artists such as The Misfits, The Clash, The Cult, Bad Religion, Sick of it All, and G.B.H., The Unseen, winner of Best Punk Band at the 2004 Boston Music Awards, is one of the most recognized acts currently recording and performing. Their catalogue includes four full length albums, countless splits and EPs, and appearances on over 25 punk compilations including Hellcat's Give 'Em The Boot 4 (November 9), Rock Against Bush Volume 2, and the Warped '04 Comp.

In 2004 alone, The Unseen did two full headlining tours across the United States. On top of that, they supported Sick of It All, Suicide Machines, Avenged Sevenfold, Agnostic Front, and Hatebreed for a whopping 193 gigs in 2004. In the past few years, The Unseen have also performed in Japan, toured twice in Europe, and played alongside punk heavyweights The Casualties, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphys, and AFI. Most recently the band performed at Hellcat's Give 'Em The Boot 4 Boston release party with Westbound Train, The Ducky Boys, and Capitol Radio.

Outside of touring, The Unseen saw success with their music video "False Hope." Off of their 2003 release Explode, "False Hope" won Fuse TV's "Oven Fresh" countdown, beating out G-Unit and Incubus, and also received substantial rotation on "Headbanger's Ball." In addition to television time, "False Hope" received airplay on many major radio stations, and was added to regular rotation at WFNX, Boston.

Writing of their previous album, Explode (BYO), Askew Reviews Emily Zemler said, "…it is easy to appreciate The Unseen's music as no-frills punk that is a rare find in today's pop-drenched society," and Decoymusic's Timothy Golden describes their sound as "extremely blaspheming and in-your-face political."

On December 5th, The Unseen headed into the studio with Dropkick Murphys' Ken Casey to begin recording their fifth full length album. In addition, The Unseen will be on tour beginning February 1st, co-headlining for two weeks with Strike Anywhere, and then a headlining tour for a month with Ramallah and Brain Failure supporting.


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