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Wire Completes "Wire On The Box"

DVD/CD Set Showcases Only known 70's performance footage of Art Punk's Influential Work. Rockpalast, an hour long studio concert slot on WDR in Germany established itself as the country's most important "serious" rock music show in the 70s and had a ear for punk music ahead of its time. They invited a young Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey, and Bruce Gilbert, a.k.a. WIRE to perform live, during a particularly fertile period of their history – in-between the releases Chairs Missing and 154.

Though bootlegs of the performance have been floating around for years, Wire On the Box is a complete and re-mastered DVD and CD set (no need to take the DVD into the car...) and includes the nearly hour long performance and 20 minute interview by Alan Bang with a sweet, artful and cocksure young WIRE.

WIRE's Rockpalast appearance, dated Valentine's day 1979 finds the band with a confidence born of a knowledge that their place in rock history is assured yet still possessing a freshness and willingness to push ahead (evidenced by the fact that at least half the material is from the yet to be recorded 154). With the 20/20 hindsight, the quality of this performance simultaneously explodes various WIRE myths and perhaps create some new ones.

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Wire On The Box (track listing)

Another the Letter
The 15th
Practice Makes Perfect
Two People in a Room
I Feel Mysterious Today
Being Sucked in Again
Once is Enough
Blessed State
A Question of Degree
Single KO
40 Versions
Former Airline
A Touching Display
French FIlm Blurred
Men 2nd
Map Ref. 41š N 93 Wš
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