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Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference: 'We Will Not Be Silent' About Hate Crimes

Below is an open letter from the Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference reproduced in full:

An Open Letter to All Mississippians and Our Leaders

We, the undersigned religious leaders, educators, community leaders, and citizens of Mississippi, hereby express our alarm at the increase in hate crimes and acts of abuse against Muslims and other minorities in Mississippi and across the United States.

We know that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” and we will not be silent and allow hatred against fellow Mississippians to go unnoticed and unchecked. We will not accept as normal the increasing violence in speech, action, and policies against our neighbors.

We call out our politicians and civic leaders, asking them to condemn as we do the toleration of abusive speech of political leaders against Muslims, women, and others. Such words and actions inflame and justify hatred, are counter to the Constitution, and will always harm the fabric of our democracy.

We know that some of our neighbors, tragically some of them children, Muslims and other religious minorities, have experienced abuse that creates fear and anxiety about their personal safety and acceptance in the United States. Those fears are justified based on the words and actions of politicians and their supporters, and these hurtful actions are documented by reputable sources such as the FBI.

We will stand with you, whether you are a Muslim, African-American, immigrant, ethnic minority, LGBTQ person, woman, Mexican, disabled person, or anyone who has felt threatened by recent events in the United States. We want you to know that we will support you and uphold your rights and human dignity. We open our hearts and arms to help you.

We believe and advocate for "liberty and justice for all," equally and without bias.

We will not be silent. We will not close our eyes.

In Faith,

The Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference (www.msrlc.org/)

The following organizations* have endorsed this letter:

 Beth Israel Congregation, Jackson

 International Museum of Muslim Cultures

 Jackson Board of Rabbis

 League of Women Voters of Jackson

 Masjid Muhammed

 Millsaps Jewish Culture Organization/Hillel

 Millsaps Religious Studies Department

 Millsaps Secular Society

 Millsaps Religious Studies Club

 Mississippi Black Methodists for Church Renewal

 Mississippi Center for Justice

 Mississippi Human Services Coalition

 Mississippi Low Income Childcare Initiative

 Mississippi Muslim Association

 Moor Community House

 Steps Coalition

 Temple B'nai Israel, Tupelo

 The Baha'i Jackson Cluster

 Tougaloo College Center for International Studies and Global Change

 Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson

*We are continuing to collect even more signatories from

the state of Mississippi.


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