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City to Estimate Water Bills During Verification Period

This is full, verbatim release from City Hall:

The City of Jackson recently implemented Phase One of its new Customer Care & Billing System (CC&B). The system went live across the City on September 1 and we are currently in the verification process, which allows the City to ensure account accuracy and that all of the new system’s capabilities are fully functional.

The necessity to estimate bills is primarily due to the testing of the network in conjunction with moving to a monthly billing cycle. It is not unusual when implementing this type of system upgrade to go through a transitionary period when bills are estimated based on an average of actual consumption from prior billing periods. Estimated bills will be identified on the bill with the abbreviation (EST) immediately after the reading. Once the system is fully verified and implementation is complete, bills will begin moving to the monthly cycle and eventually will be based on actual meter reads/consumption each month. The City anticipates moving to actual billing in the coming months as the electronic meter reads are introduced into the billing system by geographic area. After the transitionary period concludes, the bills will only be estimated if a read cannot be reasonably obtained.

Key benefits of the new CC&B include increased efficiency of meter reading and water billing, eventual elimination of the need for estimated bills, and a reduced need for personnel to enter property. The system will also be able to track usage patterns, allowing the City to potentially detect leaks on a property through abnormal usage patterns. Implementation of the new system will occur in two phases. During Phase One, all customer accounts will be moved to the new system and reviewed to ensure that accounts were properly transitioned to the new platform before the CC&B’s broader capabilities are implemented.


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