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Henderson piece was cheap, WAPT, very cheap

So tonight I got a text that WAPT had done my story from a couple weeks ago about Robert Henderson, the pardoned felon who is now working for Council President (and mayoral candidate) Frank Bluntson. But http://www.wapt.com/news/central-mississippi/jackson/Some-taxpayers-upset-over-felon-intern/-/9156912/15290006/-/rjb5baz/-/index.html">when I watched the report, I realized that WAPT actually completely cribbed my enterprise reporting, including the pardon and other details, with no attribution to me or anyone else. Not to mention, they talked about "some taxpayers" supposedly being upset about it without actually talking to any of them.

Then, they have District Attorney Robert S. Smith on camera at the end saying that everyone deserves a second chance, including Henderson. Let's just say this is a very different story than the DA told me a few years back when speaking about Mr. Henderson.

But back to WAPT: This piece was shoddy journalism at its worst. I expect better out of y'all and, at the least, credit where it's due.

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