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C-L's Love Letter to Haley

Here's http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20111218/OPINION01/112180315/Haley-Barbour-long-good-bye">what the Clarion-Ledger had to say about Haley Barbour's final victory lap around the state.

What really stood out to me is this:

Barbour may be one of the most effective governors Mississippi has ever produced. His achievements are many. For example, his administrative skills and political genius and ability to persuade lawmakers were on full display in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That worst storm in history was a perfect storm for Barbour and Mississippi when it came to rebuilding the state from disaster.

Because my question is this -- do we really know any of this to be true? Sure, there are a few new condo buildings on the coast and the promise of some more government jobs... and maybe a new port on the horizon (presumably for bringing in all the foreign manufactured goods?).

But is there a whole lot of evidence that Barbour had more to do with "rebuilding the state" from Katrina than, say, Go-Zone funding and new market tax credits?

And do we really feel like Barbour was 100% on top of the situation when it came to FEMA trailers or rebuilding counties that didn't have majority GOP control? I think those are questions that are still worth asking... particularly if Barbour's next stop is the lecture circuit, the book tours, etc., just in case he doesn’t have a GOP White House to operate out of next Fall.


tstauffer 11 years, 4 months ago

I should also add that I find it very interesting that this piece is so interesting. What's up with that?

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