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Barbour Denies NAFTA Charge

(Aug. 14, 2003, press release from Musgrove campaign) (Jackson, MS) Haley Barbour is trying to deny his involvement with NAFTA and to minimize the scope of his work for the ...


FBI Raids Barbour Niece

Gov. Haley Barbour's niece continues to be the object of federal scrutiny over Hurricane Katrina contracts. Last Thursday, FBI agents raided the Mississippi office of Alcatec LLC, owned by Rosemary ...


‘Mr. Washington Goes to Mississippi'

The Sunday New York Times Magazine is featuring Haley Barbour in a lengthy profile by Pulitzer nominee Nicholas Dawidoff. An excerpt: "While Barbour denies race-baiting, Winter says that Barbour's mention ...


Barbour supporting NAFTA, on tape

The Governor issued the following statement

Musgrove revealed old TV footage yesterday showing that Haley Barbour, indeed, supported NAFTA (as if this is in doubt, but Barbour denies it). The statement: "In Mississippi, Barbour tries to ...


Opponents: Barbour Helped Mexico Steal Miss. Jobs

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports on assertions by both Tyner and Musgrove yesterday at the Neshoba County Fair that Haley Barbour's lobbying for Mexico cost jobs in Mississippi. "The ...


Minor: Haley Should Release Tax Returns

In Bill Minor's syndicated column this week, he argues that Gov. Haley Barbour should be more accountable to the public:

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Haley Barbour Back in the Money, Will Lobby the U.S. on Behalf of Ukraine

Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi, head of the Republican National Committee and one of the world's most powerful lobbyists, is going to work for the Ukrainian government to ...

Domestic Violence

Barbour Pardons Enough for 20 Football Teams

If you counted up all the pardons and sentence suspensions -- 222, over eight years -- Haley Barbour made as governor, you'd have enough for 20 football teams. And if ...


Haley Barbour v. Oliver Diaz?

Scott Horton has a compelling piece in Harper's magazine right now about the Oliver Diaz case, and whether it was "politically motivated and directed"—and driven by none other than Gov. ...

Barbour to Raise Funds for Republican PAC

Gov. Haley Barbour has joined American Crossroads, a well-funded conservative Political Action Committee that heavily influenced the 2010 elections, The Washington Post reported last week.

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Barbour to Lead Butler Snow Economic Development Firm

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is among the leaders of a new economic development firm formed by Ridgeland-based Butler Snow LLP.


Barbour Calls for ‘Conservative Spending' Due to Crisis

[Verbatim statement] (JACKSON, Mississippi)— Governor Haley Barbour asked legislators and state agency directors to find ways to cut spending this year and in Fiscal Year 2010 as a result of ...


Be Transparent, Mitt (and Haley)

Amid all the clamor recently over Gov. Mitt Romney's financials—shell companies in Bermuda, Swiss bank accounts, apparent control of Bain Capital well after he says he left the company—one critic's ...


Barbour Named Vice-Chair of GOP Governors

AP (hat-tip to WLOX) is reporting that the GOP governor's group has elected South Carolina governor Mark Sanford as chair and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour as vice-chair of the Republican ...


Barbour's Press Pass

Watching Gov. Haley Barbour seize the national media spotlight feels a bit like seeing a bully from high school making it big. "I knew him when he was fat and ...

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Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour Arrested with Loaded Handgun at Security Checkpoint in Airport

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour arrested with loaded handgun at security checkpoint in airport.


Barbour to Deliver State of the State

Gov. Haley Barbour will deliver the annual Mississippi State-of-the-State speech tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. from the state capitol. The speech will be broadcast live by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.


Barbour calls special session

WDAM reports "Fulfilling his promise, Gov. Haley Barbour is calling lawmakers into special session next Wednesday to address changes to Mississippi's civil justice laws. Barbour announced the special session Thursday ...

STIGGERS: Head Start Ho' Howse

Support for Ken Stiggers' "The Haley Barbour Head Start Ho' Howse" is brought to you courtesy of The Dan Quail Spellin' Bea (Sowwy, that's BEE) Literacy Tour; Rudyard Kipling White ...


Bill Minor: Barbour's Nephew Lobbyist Raising Ire

Mr Minor writes: "Henry Barbour, the nephew who managed Gov. Haley Barbour's recent gubernatorial campaign, and his brother, Austin, have hooked up with Capitol Resources — an influential legislative lobbying ...