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Let me give you my whys and wherefores about Roosters’ burgers. It’s not just about the meat; don’t get me wrong, that six-or eight-ounce burger patty sizzles just fine right up until it’s put onto your choice of bun, white, wheat or jalapeno cheddar. You can get onions, bacon, lettuce, tomato or cheese (American or cheddar), all or some, on your Roosters burger. I’ll bet they’ll even put jalapenos or mushrooms on it, if you ask. You can get fries, onion rings or a host of non-traditional hamburger sides, too. Or you can get it plain, just the meat and the bread. I like that sometimes because I must admit I crave the taste of the meat with just the right amount of catsup. I also like the thickness of Roosters’ burgers. When you take a bite, you know you’re getting way above average return for your dollar. Another neat thing is that the burger is just the right size so that it doesn’t cool off if you take small, lady-like bites as you consume it.-Lynette Hanson

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