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Protesting "Obamacare"

Anti-Obamacare Rally on Friday the 8th, 2012 at the Federal Courthouse Steps.

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Unvaccinated Medical Workers Turn to Religious Exemptions

Religious exemptions are increasingly becoming a workaround for unvaccinated hospital and nursing home workers who want to keep their jobs in the face of federal mandates that are going into …

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Mississippi Could Rethink a Medicaid Managed Care Contract

The Mississippi House has voted to make the state's Medicaid program end a contract with health care giant Centene, although that plan could change later as lawmakers continue to debate …

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MSDH Implores Use of Oral COVID-19 Antiviral Pills amid Monoclonal Antibody Shortage

The Mississippi State Department of Health warned that the state’s allocation of COVID-19 antiviral pills are being under-utilized, while previously relied-upon monoclonal antibody treatments are in short supply.

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‘Fear the Virus, Not the Vaccine’: Leadership Urges Vaccinations for Pregnant Women

The current wave of COVID-19 is on the decline in Mississippi, but state health leadership is urging residents—especially vulnerable populations like pregnant women—to get vaccinated, and to keep up with …

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‘Babies in the Hospital’: Mississippi Drastically Lags in Child and Pediatric Vaccinations

As COVID-19 continues its decline across Mississippi and the country, state health leadership warns that hospitals are still seeing pediatric patients, while vaccinations in children are lagging far behind the …

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Mississippi Advances Bill Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

Anyone in Mississippi could cite “a sincerely held religious objection” to avoid a public or private employer's COVID-19 vaccination mandate, under a bill that advanced Wednesday at the state Capitol.

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Additional Free COVID-19 Tests Available As Virus Declines Across State

As COVID-19 continues its decline across both Mississippi and the United States, the Biden administration has made additional COVID-19 test kits available for free home delivery to every household in …

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House Political Games Kill Medicaid Extension For New Mothers in Mississippi

For the second year in a row, Mississippi House leadership has once again killed an extension of postpartum Medicaid benefits, likely guaranteeing that many low-income people will lose health insurance …

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COVID-19 Program for Uninsured Ends as Global Cases Rise

A federal program closing this week could mean less access to COVID-19 testing and treatment for poorer Mississippians moving forward.

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FDA Approves Second COVID-19 Booster For Immunocompromised, 50-And-Up

At-risk Mississippians over 12 years of age as well as anyone over 50 are now eligible for a second booster dose, thanks to authorization from the Food and Drug Administration …