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Crucial Camp Questions

As you develop a short list of summer ideas, here are some of the specific details that you should consider before sending your deposit to a camp.

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Guruz with Heart

Guruz Fitness Studio's signature classes offer spinning, rowing, boxing, suspension training, weightlifting and body-weight exercises, all in the same space and class setting.

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Vital Steps to Preventing Cervical Cancer

As a gynecologic oncologist, I want women to know there are many treatment options for cervical cancer, and that it is almost completely preventable with regular screenings and vaccinations.

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Vaccination Exemptions and Outbreaks by State

A measles outbreak originating at Disneyland in California has infected more than 120 people across 14 states since December.

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The Anti-Vax Paradox: Pitting Parental Freedom Against Children’s Health

Rebecca Estepp is a San Diego mother whose son Eric developed a fever after his Hepatitis B shot when he was 9 months old. Estepp blames vaccinations for her son's ...

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The Fatality of a Broken Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus sang a song about a topic that is also a medically recognized syndrome commonly called broken heart syndrome.


Can Laws Boost Breastfeeding Rates?

The law can be an important tool in increasing low breastfeeding rates. Mississippi has some protections already in place for breastfeeding mothers.


A History of Breastfeeding

In 2013, Mississippi ranked dead last in babies who were ever breast-fed, with just 50.5 percent, the Centers for Disease Control reports.


Mississippi’s Breastfeeding Warriors: Pumps, Practical Advice and Tips at the Ready

While no single organization is devoted to promoting breastfeeding in Mississippi, several people have devoted themselves to the cause.

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Winterizing Your Skin

We all strive to protect our skin from sun damage in the summer, but colder weather brings about different problems for the skin. The biggest one is dryness.

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To Your (Musical) Health

So it's about time for those New Year's resolutions to kick in, and I'm sure many of you are going to the gym more often now. Here's a playlist to ...

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Cosmetics: Does Beauty Benefit?

With the world becoming increasingly knowledgeable about harmful chemicals in beauty products, the demand for holistic practices is rising.

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Beating Weight Loss With the Blues

Everyone wants to lose weight, but few are willing to put in the work like Kiwana Thomas Gayden, who lost and kept off 40 pounds since 2013.

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My New Year's Resolution Is ...

Making decisions on what to eat includes asking yourself a simple question with every food selection: Is it healthy? Most patients agree that they easily recognize unhealthy options.

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Runnin’ the Blues Through the Veins of Jackson

It was only six years ago, in 2008, when John Sewell began working with others to put together a marathon that would celebrate the unique blues culture in Mississippi. This ...