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Walk to Fight for Lupus

After awareness walks and runs for many illnesses, but none in Mississippi for lupus, Krystal Knight began to organize the first annual Fight 4 Lupus Walk.

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Food Corps Recruiting Service Members; Apply by March 30

For the last year, Mariel Parman, 24, has worked as a service member with Food Corps to help improve the health of Mississippi's young people by linking health disparity with ...

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Getting Schooled in GMOs

GMOs in the form of corn, soy, wheat and rice—the crops most affected by genome modification to make a plant more resistant to insects or poor growing conditions—are at the ...

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Race You

This week kicks off race and 5K season, and hopefully with it, beautiful spring weather just begging for folks to get outside and run around.

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Love: A Strength of Character

A character trait is a distinctive feature influencing how you relate to the world and is expressed in thoughts, actions and feelings.


Rules to Limit Marketing Unhealthy Food in Schools

Even the scoreboards in high school gyms will have to advertise only healthy foods under new rules announced Tuesday by the Obama administration.


Medical Group: Teach Children Good Health Habits

The president of the Mississippi State Medical Association says teaching children about exercise and proper nutrition could help reverse some of the state's terrible health trends.

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More Picky Vegetarian

The one type of "sandwich" that lends itself well to almost any ingredient or lifestyle is a quesadilla.

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Hit the Road, Jackson

If you really wish to boost your health, wellness and state of mind this new year, I offer a simple prescription: Spend more time outside.

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Eat Your Vegetables

The first step to being a healthy vegetarian is deciding what you do and don't want to eat. Many people don't realize the term "vegetarian" means different things to different ...

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Tips for Beginning Runners

If one of your goals for 2014 is to hit the ground running (literally), consider these tips from Jeremy Jungling.

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Start Where You Are

Every journey has a beginning. Trying to start in the middle—or at the end—is unrealistic and can leave us frustrated and defeated, even with a healthy dose of positive thinking.

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Wacky Fitness Tips

We've all heard the usual health tips—drink water, exercise, eat healthy and less. But here are a few lesser-known fitness tips.

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Needles and Qi

Acupuncture is an ancient wellness technique involving the insertion of multiple thin needles (or fine wire, since they lack the hollow centers of traditional medical needles) into specific spots on ...

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Obesity Rate Flat, Mississippi Still Highest

An annual state-by-state survey says the country is making good progress in improving its overall health—including a flat obesity rate and a lower rate of smoking. But individual states, especially ...