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Lung Cancer: Know the Facts, Women

As a medical oncologist, I treat patients battling a variety of cancers—from common types such as breast and prostate to rare cancers of the brain and bones. But of all ...

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Fitness App of the Week: Walk for a Dog

You know what they say: A dog is a man's best friend. Perhaps that's why quadruped pals (and I don't mean cats) make the best walking or running partners. A ...

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The 'Be Happy' Playlist

Music is the one of the only reasons I can stand to be in a gym. I hate to admit it, but if my iPhone isn't at least 50-percent charged, ...

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Beauty Sans Chemicals

Making your own beauty products can be cheaper than the price tag at the organic-food store and healthier than buying chemical-laden goods at a conventional grocery or drug store.

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What Does ‘Clean’ Actually Mean?

People who eat clean learn to read nutrition labels, and, perhaps most importantly, listen to their bodies: If you feel bad after eating certain foods, maybe it's time to give ...

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Small Steps in the Journey

On the track to better health, it's all about the small steps. Remember that great cities such as Jackson weren't built in a day; it's a step-by-step process. Here are ...

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Stop Dieting, Be Healthy

Diet is a four-letter word. For people who struggle with weight, the word conjures images of hardship and long lists of what we shouldn't be eating and doing.

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Childhood Obesity: Defying Easy Answers

Dr. Whitney Herring has been a pediatrician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for about a year. With a master's degree in public health, in addition to being a ...

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‘Laugh So You Don’t Cry’

Lewis, who lives in Jackson with his wife, Kimberly, has struggled with sickle cell disease his whole life. He works in artists and repertoire for NOW Entertainment, where he is ...

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Competitive Fitness

The problem with a regular gym is that, besides classes, it doesn't necessarily provide a fun, competitive way to exercise.

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Six Things About Yoga

In yoga, you'll do plenty of stretching, but that's not the whole story. The physical practice can improve flexibility, strength, breath and focus.

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Winter Skin

Winter is hard on your skin. Cold, dry wind and indoor heating strips the skin of all its natural oils, leaving it defenseless.

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How Not to Hibernate

Bears and snakes, they hibernate. Humans? Not so much. Eventually, Mississippi does get cold(ish), but just because you can't feel your face doesn't mean you have to stay inside and ...

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Fall Fitness

Just because summer is transitioning to fall doesn't mean you have to get ready for hibernation.

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Water: Nature’s Elixir

Your body is 60 percent water. When you're dehydrated, none of your systems functions properly. You've probably heard the rule: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. If being ...