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UPDATED:After 7 Shootings, JPD Still Shields Officers

Lee Edward Bonner, 37, died after a Jackson police officer shot him on Feb. 21 in west Jackson. His family says it was "an overkill," while the City released scant ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Parkland Teens Lead by Talking Back, Listening

The Parkland, Fla., teenagers who became activists against gun violence while locked in closets on Valentine's Day are giving many of us life during a dark period in our country.

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Ringing the Bell on Kids Charged as Adults

Johnnie McDaniels' job requires him to repair broken children, especially those who have been charged as adults. Many of them sit in his facility for the better part of a ...

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Mutiny at the Senate: Bi-partisan Death of New Ed Formula

Twenty-six senators joined Sen. Hob Bryan, D-Amory, to kill the Republican-driven proposal to scrap MAEP, which would have replaced it with a weights-based student funding formula, which EdBuild developed and ...

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OPINION: Take Down the Flag

I was born and raised in the South. It's my home. I want it to live up to its potential. I am not a Democrat, nor am I a liberal. ...

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Civil Rights Museum Enjoys ‘Trump-less’ Grand Opening

Bryant hit a nerve with his invite last December after the racially tone-deaf president failed to disavow white nationalists during recent neo-Nazi demonstrations.

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Sergio Lugo II

Sergio Lugo II's day job is as a real-time operations supervisor for Comcast, but when he is not managing scheduling or performing other tasks for work, he hosts popular local ...

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Mississippi Senate Advances Tightened Guns-in-Schools Bill

Schools and colleges could allow teachers or staff members to carry guns after they get firearms training, under legislation advanced Wednesday by Mississippi lawmakers.

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Trump Administration Escalates California Immigration Feud

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions brought the Trump administration's feud with California to the doorstep of the state Capitol on Wednesday, suing over its so-called sanctuary state law and dramatically ...

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Happiest Hours

Happy hours are always one of the best ways to wind down from a busy week, and luckily, Jackson has some great choices.

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Jacksonians Value JPS and Teachers, Poll Finds

The local community supports both Jackson Public Schools and the teachers in a stronger way than in many communities, a poll of 500 local residents in January found.

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EDITORIAL: Cheers to Senate, But More Ed Attacks Ahead

Bravo to the Mississippi Senate for actually listening to their constituents and killing the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula proposal.