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Haley Barbour Issues Statement Posted

Go take a look at Barbour's positions on a list of issues just posted on his JFP candidate blog.


The Quest For Gold

A group of economists forecast how the Olympics medals race would turn out. They were wrong. Now you know why your stock portfolio is taking a beating.


Are Dirty Birds Coming After Croom?

The Tupelo newspaper asked Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom about a story listing as a possible candidate for the Atlanta Falcons job.


Bowers Wow Wow

The SEC basketball season got off to a rousing start as Mississippi State rallied from a 10-point deficit to beat Ole Miss 61-54 Wednesday night before a capacity crowd in ...


Smith-Wills Stadium: Field of Dreams?

Still thinking, "I could be a pro baseball player if I only got a break." Well, put down the box cutter and pick up your glove. The Jackson Senators are ...


The NBA's Worst Coach?

It's NBA time again. The New Orleans Hornets have a new coach, Tim Floyd, a Hattiesburg native. Slate's Sam Eifling wonders why the NBA's worst coach has a new job.


The Naked Lunch: A Hotdog And A Bud

The latest issue of the Nex York Express asks: What if William S. Burroughs was a Yankee Stadium bleacher creature? This is the kind of fantasy sports Doctor S prefers. ...

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NFL: The Willis Way

Phil Collins?

How does San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis prepare for an afternoon of controlled violence, NFL style?


O, What A Start

Ole Miss began the Ed Orgeron era with a 10-6 victory over Memphis on Monday. The Rebs didn't look like a national championship team, but at least they beat Memphis ...


PDFs Campaign Finance Reports for Melton, Johnson

See a list of campaign contributions and disbursements here.


This Is Why It Takes Balls To Play Soccer

Here's a pair of amusing and disturbing stories from the wacky world of soccer, via Deadspin.com.

1. When a Manchester United player suffered a broken leg during a match with Liverpool, Liverpool fans attacked the ambulance taking the player to the hospital.


The Death Of Spring Training

A former Texas Rangers beat writer laments the gentrification of baseball spring training.


How About More Holiday Treats For Jackson Fans?

In a column on Saturday, Rick Cleveland of The Clarion-Ledger echoes what Dr. S said earlier. The Mississippi State basketball game at the Mississippi Coliseum earlier this week was a ...


National Hockey Leveraged Buyout

Daniel Gross has a plan for how the NHL can be saved. Daniel, why bother?


State Supreme Court: Circuit Judge Wrong to Rewrite 42-A Ballot

Supporters of a school funding initiative have lost a battle in the Mississippi Supreme Court.

[Archive] Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner

Since the JFP launched in October 2002, the following pieces have discussed, in one way or another, the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner and the effect ...


Dr. Weil Answers Daily Questions

A good source for health information from both a holistic and medical approach is the Web site of Dr. Andrew Weil. He answers a new question daily, as well as ...


Candidate for Second District Releases Campaign Jingle

Cobby Williams, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, recently released a campaign video, or "jingle."


QUIZ: How Stressed Are You?

I think it is a good idea to do a mental self-examination once in a while. Let's start here, shall we?


College World Series: North Carolina 8, Mississippi State 5

Mississippi State got off to a bad start in the College World Series on Friday night. The Bulldogs blew a four-run lead and lost to North Carolina 8-5. The Bulldogs ...