Insane Endings


Bryan Flynn

In honor of "The Walking Dead" mid-season finale, I've found some parallels with this past college football weekend and the insanely popular AMC show. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

It was inevitable. Just like the Governor returning to his evil ways on The Walking Dead, it was only a matter of time for the tide to change in college football. Sure, it seemed like Southern Miss would never win another football game and that the SEC would continue to win national championships. It seemed the Governor had turned the corner as well.

Then, as they were hitting golf balls on top of a leaky RV roof, the Governor whacked Martinez over the head with a golf club, just as Southern Miss whacked UAB over the head, winning a game for the first time since Christmas Eve 2011.

Getting to Alabama, it seems fitting that an SEC school finally knocked the SEC out of the national championship game. Just like the Governor dragged Martinez into a pit full of Walkers, Auburn dragged Alabama's hopes of a third-straight national title into a deep hole from where it likely will not return.

Nick Saban spent the Iron Bowl making coaching decisions like Rick Grimes spent most this season pretending to be a gardener. In the end, those strange decisions ended up costing the Crimson Tide a chance at a third title just as Rick's strange leadership has cost countless lives.

This season of TWD was also about doing what it takes to survive. Carol was ready to murder and burn every infected person to save the survivors. MSU head coach Dan Mullen showed this same trait in his quest to win the Egg Bowl for the Bulldogs. Mullen showed huge stones turning to injured quarterback Dak Prescott and, in overtime, going for it on fourth and two at the Ole Miss three-yard line. Mullen played for the win the whole way.


tomhead1978 4 months, 1 week ago

I was going to comment on "[t]he Governor returning to his evil ways," then realized this was a sports thread. Solid writing, as always.


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