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A New Class of Leadership

For M. Cade Smith, the assistant vice chancellor for community engagement at the University of Mississippi, his time in the WKKF Community Leadership Network program were three of the most ...

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Lydia West

Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President Lydia West's strong memories of her family spending time in the kitchen and eating together with friends started a life-long interest in food, ...

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Bringing the River Back to Life

The Mississippi River Basin Model, a National Civil Engineering Landmark, is in bad shape; however, compared to the last time I wrote about it for the Jackson Free Press, it ...

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Kit Fields

As a child, local artist Kit Fields says she recalls loving to paint and draw, but it wasn’t until age 45 that she started taking painting lessons. Her first class ...

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Junie B. Jones, Batman and Puppets

For the fourth time, the Mississippi Puppetry Guild will do a production of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells."

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A Story of Survival at Parchman

Though "The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story" is not a feel-good film, it is a must-see film. It will leave you horrified and slightly sick to your stomach.

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Tinkering Life Away

"Tinker" is a somewhat sappy film told on two levels, as the protagonist Lenny Hale (Todd Barnett) looks for happiness and purpose in his life.

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The First Modern President

The U.S. has had many important presidents, but one that doesn't always come up in the conversation is Ulysses S. Grant. The student film "The Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant" ...

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A NuRenaissance Before the New Year

Myron McGowan is many things. He is a native Mississippian from rural Foxworth, Miss., who takes style influence from the '70s (no gold chains, though, he says).

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Anik Kurkjian

Anik Kurkjian, who is the director of outreach and special projects for the Mississippi Museum of Art, clearly remembers the first time she met her husband, Drew Young.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Pride and Joy’

Beginning June 30, the Grammy Museum Mississippi began hosting an exhibit that pays tribute to late blues and rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, which runs through Oct. 16.

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To See the Face of God

"She's going down," whispered my wife, and I glanced in alarm at the bride. Chaos reigns when a member of the wedding party faints; we have seen it.

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Camaraderie and Tradition

My oldest daughter spent her last year of high school living with a family in a rural town in Ecuador, and it became a family joke to serve her dinner ...

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Simple & Scrumptious

Carbonara has been a staple at my house for many years now, the go-to meal when nothing else will do. It's simple to make, always delicious, and often a requested ...

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Dinner Like Grandma Made

Norma Ruth's is a small establishment tucked tight into a little plaza between a clothing store and a barbershop on Ellis Avenue.

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Bright Ideas

Are you feeling uninspired? No challenges left? Did you read another depressing statistic about Mississippi? I have a cure for that. Read Polly Dement's "Mississippi Entrepreneurs."

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The Natchez Novelist

In 2011, author Greg Iles was just a week away from the deadline for his next novel, a follow-up to the best-seller "The Devil's Punchbowl," when he was involved in ...

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Joe LaNier: Survivor

Iwo Jima is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. Its name is seared into the psyche of anyone even remotely familiar with American history in World War II.

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Fondren’s New Shutterbug

Lately, Sharon Coker's home has felt a little crowded, with her family and photography business all under one roof.

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Trevor Pickering

Dr. Trevor Pickering, a partner in Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in Jackson, is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees and hips.

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Scandinavian Sightseeing

When I first considered going to Norway, it was really hard to think of anything that I knew about the country, other than it has some weird-looking extra letters in ...

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A Photographic Nature

No matter the category of photographers you fit into—young or old, professional photographer or scrappy amateur, male or female, black, blue, pink or whatever—the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science's "Back ...

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Zombies and Filmmaking

Prepare Now for the Zombie Apocalypse! On Oct. 26, as part of the fourth annual Mississippi International Film Festival, zombies and their attendant goons will overrun the Russell C. Davis ...

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A Piece of History: The Mississippi River Basin Model

The Mississippi River Basin model covers some 200 acres near Clinton off of McRaven Road and is a scale replica of the Mississippi River basin.

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Biking in the Bayou

See Greenwood’s historic sights by bicycle in the annual Bikes, Blues and Bayous race.

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Debrynda Davey

Debrynda Davey graduated from S.D. Lee High School in Columbus, Miss., in the early 1970s and began a long and successful career as a nurse and nurse educator.

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All Grown Up

The bride was so beautiful! All brides are beautiful, of course, but this one especially so. Her red lipstick set off her white complexion and her full-length veil could not ...

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Debra Ferguson

Debra Ferguson says she and her husband of 38 years don't vacation very well.

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Deloris Angrum

This has been a good decade for Deloris Angrum. Her daughter, April, returned safely from Iraq. She is a grandmother and will be again soon.

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Tarasa Brierly-Harp

Tarasa Brierly-Harp attended the Mississippi University for Women and has been teaching at Murrah for more than a decade.

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RaSul Hijaz El

RaSul Hijaz El is a talented portrait artist known to a small following in Jackson for bringing his subjects to life with pen, pencil and pastels.

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Growing a Legacy

JSU alum Tony Davenport will showcase his art at the Sidewalk Soiree Aug. 31.

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'Junkyard' Songstress

When India Ramey stopped practicing law in 2009, she decided to start a music career. "Singing is the way I want to spend the rest of my life," she says.


Write This

The Mississippi Writers Guild will hold its sixth annual writers' conference on Aug. 3 and 4 in Jackson. The guild, with the motto "No Writer without a Voice," was established ...


Dog Day Afternoons

Are dogs your thing? Is Fido acting squirrely and out of sorts? If the mail delivery no longer excites him and he lets the UPS driver come and go without ...


‘Day Off' in the Art Garden

Are you looking for a good laugh? Do you want to watch a feel-good film with a light-hearted look at the proverbial coming of age? Has it been 30 years ...


Celebrating Jerry Clower

My first brush with Jerry Clower was in 1971 when I was in an Army barracks in Baumholder, Germany. Two of my platoon mates (still friends some 40 years later) ...


Jayce Powell

Jayce Powell believes in the power of the bicycle to change lives. He considers himself "a lifestyle consultant" in his job as the store manager of Indian Cycle in Ridgeland. ...


Nikisha Ware

There are cliches for a reason, and Dr. Nikisha G. Ware, the executive director of the Mississippi Learning Institute is an example of one: Dynamite comes in small packages.


A Glimpse at History

Having just had to sell one of my children to pay for entry into the Insectarium in New Orleans, I'm all about a free museum, and we are blessed to ...