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Mississippi Music of 2016 (So Far)

Over the years, I've done plenty of interviews with local Jackson acts and nationally known recording artists, and I've been surprised at how many of the same topics of conversation come up for both.

One of the most common is the concept of "home base," the location where bands or solo artists choose to record music, tour out of and advocate on behalf of. Naturally, some feel the need to relocate to the handful of "cities where music gets made," including Nashville, Los Angeles and New York City. However, as any of Mississippi's myriad entertainers will tell you, there's no shortage of great music getting made right here.

For proof, I submit this whopping list of new albums, EPs, mixtapes and singles that Mississippi-based artists have released in 2016 so far.

For updates, visit jfp.ms/msalbums.

Aaron Coker—"I'll Ride" EP

AJC & the Envelope Pushers—"Fallen Star"

Alex Fraser/Standard Issues—"After the Fact" Split-EP (Elegant Trainwreck)

Alexander Fre$co—"Flex"

Anna Livi—"Chasing Visions"

Argiflex—"Throatless" (Bedlam Tapes)

Ben Ford—"Breather" EP

Big K.R.I.T.—"12for12" Mixtape

Brian Jones—"New Days" Single

Briar Lunar—"Love Struck" Single

Carlos Danger—"Now That's What I Call Carlos Danger, Volume Two"

Chad Wesley Band—"The Liberation LP" (Karma Records)

Clouds & Crayons—"Love Soliloquy" (Homework Town Records/Elegant Trainwreck)

Codetta South—"A Few Regrets"

Coke Bumaye—"Keys to the Streetz" Single

Cue Cards—"~​~​~" EP

the CUT—"the DAEH EP"

D. Horton—"The Sessions 2"

Dead Gaze—"Easy Travels" (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

devMaccc—"Euphoria" EP

Dream Cult—"Weekend" (Old Flame Records)

Empty Atlas—"House Fire" Single

Festivals/Phargo.—"Festivals//Phargo" Split-EP

Fides—"Across the Yard"

Finding Peace in Gunshots—"3:00" Single

Grady Champion—"One of a Kind" (DeChamp Records/Malaco Records)

Hartle Road—"Maxx" (Arkam Records)

The Holy Ghost Electric Show—"Sinai" EP

Holy Vision—"King Cash"


if i die in mississippi—"keep everything"

J. Skyy—"Focus"

Jason Miller Band—"Dirt on Me" Single

Jason Turner—"Reset" (Old Trace Records/Malaco Records)

Jimbo Mathus—"Band of Storms" EP (Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records)

jj Thames—"Raw Sugar" (DeChamp Records/Malaco Records)

John Paul Dove—"My Son, the Brawler" EP

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster—"Laid Low" (Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records)

K. Gautier—"The Prevailing"

KB Killa—"Method to My Madness"

Kerry Thomas—"After the High"

Lil Lonnie—"T.K.W.G.O. 2"

Living Together—"Esperanza" EP

Lo Noom—"Pretty Woman" EP

Messages—"New Year" EP

Metaphive—"The Divergence" (S.P.V. Records)

Miles Flatt—"White Flag" and "Cowboy Dream" Singles

Mr. Fluid—"The Sowing"

Oh Jeremiah—"The Other End of Passing Time"

Patrick Stumped— "No Bukowski" Single

Prymo Linan—"The broly. EP"

PyInfamous—"10th Wonder" Mixtape

Ray Kincaid—"Artistic Depression"

Sam Mooney—"Find My Way" EP

Satellite Company—"Satellite Company" EP

Seeker & Servant—"Sojourner" EP

Seth Power—"Show Me" EP

Silas—"The Day I Died"


Stace & Cassie—"The Ruins" (Old Trace/Malaco Records)

Stevie J Blues—"Cradle Robber" Single

Stonewalls—"Change the Subject" EP

Surfwax—"Surfwax EP"

Swear Tapes—"Cherish the Cabin" Cassette

Tanner Gray—"The Peddlers" EP

The Tallahatchies—"Still with Me"

Teneia—"Reference" Single

Tyler Keith & the Apostles—"Do It for Johnny"

Water Spaniel—"Live at the Hi-Tone" EP

Yung Jewelz—"Hipster Talk"


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