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Core Strategies of Greater Jackson Chamber's 2022 Plan




December 13, 2012

Strategies, Tasks, Timelines, and Subcommittees Assignments

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Strategies. Timeline.

A. Best leverage existing programs, services, and partners. 2013

  • Continue to ensure that Neighborhood Watch and Crime Stoppers programs are active and communicative
  • Ensure coordination with city, county, and higher Ed. police departments/agencies
  • Continue to leverage after-school and summer programs for at-risk youth

B. Consider a neighborhood-based service delivery program for Jackson Police Department. 2013

  • Assess the viability of enhancing current community policing efforts
  • Research other neighborhood-based programs for Jackson applicability
  • Design Jackson program
  • Implement Jackson program

C. Develop a volunteer neighborhood ambassador program to bridge gaps between the community and public safety officers. 2016

  • Determine the cost of expanding the Citizens Police Academy to a comprehensive ambassadors program.
  • Identify national best-practices to inform Jackson's program
  • Outreach to faith-based and community leaders to design the program
  • Launch and implement the program

D. Fully support Keep Jackson Beautiful's programs and efforts. 2013

  • Ensure that programs receive the support needed to be successful
  • Work with KJB to optimize their programs as needed
  • Leverage in-kind marketing and promotional support to advertise KJB efforts and events
  • Partner to expand KJB programming

E. Leverage property code enforcement and aesthetic improvement programs to improve Greater Jackson's realm. 2013

  • Support Greater Jackson governments in effective enforcement of property codes
  • Improve awareness of programs such as Roll Off Dumpster Day, 3-1-1 system, and others
  • Design program to create neighborhood teams to partner with government on code-enforcement and clean up
  • Implement neighborhood teams program

F. Implement the one-stop services model of the Prosperity Center of Greater Jackson as needed in other parts of the region. 2016

  • Assess regional neighborhoods/cities that would benefit from the PCGJ model
  • Work with local leaders to generate consensus for the program/center
  • Design programs, secure a building, and hire staff
  • Launch a new Center
  • Consistently identify new potential one-stop center locations

G. Develop a formal community volunteer program to support local projects and businesses. 2014

  • Build a coalition to develop and populate a "volunteer database"
  • Compile organizations and projects
  • Design the system/database/website and populate with orgs and projects
  • Outreach and promote site to potential volunteers
  • Launch and consistently enhance website and system

H. Leverage all regional tools to develop and place residents in quality housing. 2013

  • Continue to assess housing demand and project opportunities for communication with trusted developers
  • Utilize all available incentives to facilitate development of
  • Continue to develop strategies to address dilapidated and vacant housing

I. Work with local governments and CHDOs to most effectively access and leverage state Home Investment Partnership Grants

  • Assist with promotion and utilization of all HOME programs
  • Continually assess the need for development of new programmatic tools

J. Develop a major destination and events park in Downtown/Greater Jackson. 2016

  • Identify an optimal site for the park
  • Resource park design plan
  • Resource park construction
  • Construct and program park

K. Create an infill development strategy for disinvested Jackson area neighborhoods. 2014

  • Conduct a land use study (or update an existing study) to identify vacant or disinvested local properties
  • Based on the study, develop an action plan prioritizing highest-value parcels and potential revitalization strategies
  • Implement priority strategies – enhancing redevelopment tools as necessary

  • Ensure that redevelopment produces projects targeting multiple price points and consumer constitutiencies

L. Develop a "neighborhood enhancement programs" in Jackson area communities. 2016

  • Build a coalition to support development of the NEP program
  • Research comparison programs to inform the development of Jackson area programs
  • Launch program(s)
  • Leverage initial programs for creation of new programs in Jackson municipalities

M. Support efforts to secure passage of Community Improvement District (CID) legislation in Mississippi. 2014

  • Increase awareness and support for the effort
  • Design legislation empowering the creation of CIDs in Mississippi
  • Leverage lobbying efforts to secure passage of the bill
  • Support Jackson area neighborhoods with understanding the dynamics of implementing and leveraging CIDs

N. Work with local merchants to open Healthy in a Hurry stores in underserved neighborhoods across Greater Jackson. 2016

  • Identify neighborhoods in need of affordable, healthy food options
  • Create a program for implementation of Healthy in a Hurry stores
  • Identify resources for the program
  • Market the program
  • Launch the program

O. Proceed with development of a trolley service connecting Old Capitol Green to various Jackson attractions. 2013

  • Support developer's efforts to fund and design route and service
  • Identify sustainable operational funding source
  • Launch and consistently optimize route and frequency of services
  • Assess potential to leverage trolley as first link of regional light-rail system

P. Initiate discussions on expanding the boundaries that define "Downtown Jackson". 2014

  • Build a coalition to assess the benefits of expanding district boundaries
  • Determine the steps and processes required to formalize a new definition of downtown
  • Officially delineate the new district
  • Adjust all marketing, maps, guidebooks, etc., to reflect the new downtown boundaries

Q. Create a "livable centers" planning initiative for Greater Jackson downtowns and core districts. Years 6-10

  • Identify appropriate activity centers for the program
  • Research best-practice regional programs
  • Design Greater Jackson's programs
  • Resource planning and implementation awards
  • Launch the program
  • Fully support ongoing local efforts to implement livable center recommendations

R. Proceed with active development of the Farish Street Entertainment District. 2013

  • Continue to support the project's developer with needed regulatory and incentives approvals
  • Consistently integrate district development into tourism and community marketing
  • Assist with marketing of the district to potential tenants

S. Commission a study for the funding and construction of a state-of-the-art Downtown Jackson arena. 2015

  • Contract with a consultant to assess the opportunity, benefits, and risks of developing a new arena
  • Conduct preliminary design on the building
  • Hold a public funding referendum
  • Finalize schematic plan, design and construction schedule for the arena
  • Construct the arena

T. Implement focused revitalizations strategies for key Greater Jackson corridors. 2013

  • Support implementation of existing efforts such as GO 80 and others
  • Determine if additional corridor studies need to be developed
  • Ensure projects are integrated into the CMPDD TIP

U. Assess the need to create a non-profit minority enterprise development corporation. 2014

  • Outreach to minority-owned business owners and leaders to assess the need for and benefit of the corporation
  • If pursued, research best-practice models to design/program the corporation
  • Seek funding from public and private sources and hire staff
  • Launch programs

V. Continue efforts to secure development of a convention hotel in Downtown Jackson. 2013

  • Continue aggressive outreach to developers and chains
  • Ensure consistent support of key local partners for potential incentives award for hotel developer

W. Enhance the visitor experience for blues music tourists. 2013

  • Better leverage state's "Birthplace of America's Music"
  • Program "blues weeks" at local music clubs/venues
  • Create standalone Capital City Blues web page
  • Expand blues history exhibits at local museums and cultural centers
  • Improve way finding to historic blues sites
  • Develop/host an annual Blues Festival

X. Increase awareness of and coordination between existing and small business services. 2013

  • Collaborate with all partners on boosting awareness of programs/services
  • Leverage these discussions to identify program development needs
  • Work to develop resources to create and promote new programs

Y. Empanel a volunteer small business assessment board. 2015

  • Outreach to execs, banks, and entrepreneurs to serve on Board
  • Develop guidelines and meetings schedule for Board
  • Connect Board with all regional SBD and entrepreneurship entities
  • Promote Board's services
  • Begin hosting Board meetings

Z. Enhance the availability of small business development capital. 2013

  • Detail an inventory of existing funding sources
  • Assess gaps in regional lending programs and work to address them
  • Develop a regional Angel investors network
  • Gauge potential to develop a Greater Jackson seed investment fund
  • Capitalize and launch seed fund

AA. Provide more opportunities for entrepreneurial networking and co-work. 2014

  • Research a design for an Entrepreneurial Networking Group
  • Create the network
  • Work with Network members to develop co-working spaces in region

BB. Develop a business-to-business and government-to-business sourcing program. 2014

  • Research best-practice programs
  • Design Greater Jackson's program
  • Launch program

CC. Create a Jackson Area Manufacturers Council. 2014

  • Determine whether the MMA's District 6 board can serve this purpose
  • Optimize membership on the Council
  • Work with Council members to develop a Strategic Growth Plan for the region's manufacturing sector

DD. Create a College of Arts and Design in Downtown Jackson. 2016

  • Build momentum for development of school
  • Form planning and resource committee
  • Research other models to inform design of Jackson college
  • Develop action plan for programming, funding, and construction
  • Construct and launch college

EE. Develop a neighborhood resident leadership certificate program in Greater Jackson. Years 6-10

  • Research best practices in other communities to inform program design
  • Determine the program criteria and formalize the program design
  • Launch and market the program
  • Maintain contact with graduates to best facilitate their impacts on their neighborhoods


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