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Eggless Breakfast

Breakfast always seems to center around the incredible, edible egg. Perhaps it's time, though, that we update our breakfast tables with another centerpiece, something else just as tasty and versatile֖tofu.

Tofu isn't just a jiggly white block of tasteless matter. Truth be told, tofu can do anything the egg can do and for those of us allergic to eggs, tofu can do even more.

If omelets and scrambles are your thing, think about how you make them and use tofu next time. All it takes is draining a block and either cubing the tofu or crumbling it into the pan. It also takes on all the delightful flavors you'd use with your eggs anyway (garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers) and has a similar texture when cooked, or so I'm told.

Next time you take to the skillet with a scramble in mind, use a different protein. Heat your oil, throw in diced onions and minced garlic, heating just enough to flavor the oil and soften the onion; then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dump in the tofu, coat with the oil and cook for four to five minutes on medium heat until the moisture cooks out. Add peppers, mushrooms, your leftover rotisserie chicken scraps, cherry tomatoes, cheese֖the sky is the limit, just like with omelets.

Toss out of the pan, sprinkle with cheese and serve alongside biscuits and fruit for a protein-laden, delicious breakfast.

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