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Domestic Violence

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Disservice'

Rolling back protections for survivors does nothing but push women back into a culture of silence, surviving sexual assault with no protections or avenues to justice at their universities.

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The Future of the JFP Chick Ball

First, I'll share the sad news in case you haven't heard. We have reluctantly decided to postpone the JFP Chick Ball again this year, as we did in 2016, and ...

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Lawmaker Flips to Support Domestic Abuse as Divorce Reason

A Mississippi lawmaker breathed life back into a proposal Monday to make domestic abuse a reason for divorce, after coming under fire recently for killing a similar measure.

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Abusers Get Another Divorce Pass from #MSLeg, But Senator Pushes Back

Sen. Sally Doty, R-Brookhaven, is not giving up on making domestic abuse grounds for divorce in Mississippi. Rep. Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, killed Doby's bill on Feb. 28, in committee, not ...

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Healing and Finding Joy After Domestic Abuse

Many think overcoming abuse equals leaving the abuser. But leaving does not heal the anguish and pain automatically. Sure, removing yourself from an abusive situation is an important step; however, ...

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Define Your Scar

We all have scars. I know mine is a physical scar, and others' might be mental, but it's there. My scar is a source of strength, power and love of ...

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Reducing Rape, Violence with ‘Engaged Bystanders’

The Mississippi Department of Health is working to bring domestic violence numbers down by implementing Green Dot training across the state to get communities to reconsider their role in preventing ...

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Domestic Violence Coalition: State Needs to Support Victims

More than a dozen domestic violence activists gathered at the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence headquarters on May 11 in response to the failure of SB 2418, the 'divorce bill' ...

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Sine Death for Divorce, Campaign-finance Reform After Lawmakers Go Home Early

An abused Mississippi spouse still can't use domestic violence as grounds for divorce, and lawmakers can continue to spend campaign donations on mortgages, automobiles, clothing, tuition payments or non-documented loans ...

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Domestic Abuse May Become Grounds for Divorce in Mississippi

Domestic violence is not currently grounds for divorce in Mississippi, a state where "natural impotency" is listed first as legal grounds for divorce.

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