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House Passes $100 Million Transportation Legislation In Bipartisan Vote

The Mississippi House of Representatives voted to use approximately $108 million in tax revenue for roads and bridges on Thursday in a bipartisan vote. House Bill 722 will divert 35 ...

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West Rankin's Water, Sewer Lawsuit Against Jackson Continues

Water and sewage are at the heart of dueling legal efforts the City of Jackson and a coalition of west Rankin elected officials brought against each in recent years.

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Crises in the Capitol: Infrastructure, Crime Lab, Not Enough Money to Cover Needs

It's hard to prosecute someone for a violent crime if you do not know how the victim died. The Mississippi Legislature is grappling over that question in the new session; ...

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'We're the Pigs': House Jumps the Gun(n) on Transportation Funding

While few House members seemed ready to begin work on legislation, on Wednesday, Jan. 3, three House committees met and passed five transportation-funding related bills, which Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, ...

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Mississippi Lawmakers Seek to End Road Money Stalemate

Mississippi lawmakers deadlocked in 2017 over efforts to increase spending on roads and bridges, and with the 2018 Legislature opening Tuesday, it's not clear that anything has changed.

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One Lake Project One Step Closer to Public Input

The 2007 map of the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District includes just a sliver of Jackson, predominantly along the Pearl as well as a piece of downtown, ...

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Bringing Back a Poorly Named Park

On a cold Friday night, the snow still dusting the trees from the snowfall that morning, Bilal Qizilbash set up his weekly station where he offers food to those in ...

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Shaky City Communication, A New Ice Rink, Spanking

It was mostly business as usual at the last Jackson City Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21, just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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‘Crank It Up’: Taking Action Against Blight

Unsightly at best, a former drug house at its worst, a single-story, boarded up bungalow house sat across from Lake Elementary School in west Jackson.

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EDITORIAL: Dangerous Sinkholes Demand Immediate Responses

A dog fell into a sinkhole this weekend, and that could have just as easily been a child.

'Deplorable' Conditions at Westside Trailer Park

Westside Trailer Park, located right outside of Canton in Madison County, is home to a ...

Moving a Hip Hop Agenda

"Words I Never Said" was part of a nationwide tour for the organization Rap Sessions, ...