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Gov. Phil Bryant: Trump 'a Chance to Save Our Country,' Unborn Children, Guns, Supreme Court (Verbatim)

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant just emailed his supporters urging them to support Donald Trump as the Republican convention gets ready to launch in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his email verbatim:

Dear Friend,

In just about every previous election, we’ve all heard people running for office say “this election is the most important one in history.” This year, I think we can all agree—that’s undeniably true.

As we prepare to begin the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio next week, I wanted to send you a brief note about the choice you and I face together in November. It’s a historic time for our Party and for the opportunity for a revival of America’s potential.

America faces massive challenges right now. From economic stagnation and financial uncertainty at home to increasing military challenges and terrorist threats abroad—the election this November will literally chart a new course for our country. The question for all of us is, which direction will we go?

When 17 Republican candidates run for President in the primary, obviously, there are a lot of different perspectives and allegiances. But one thing is now clear: if we don’t come together for the sake of our Party and our nation’s future, we will lose the election—and with Hillary Clinton, we could literally end up with a country that goes into an unrecoverable downhill slide. If we unite to support Donald Trump, we still have a chance to save our country for the future.

This election is not just between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It’s about standing up for the issues we care about as Republicans including the right to life of the unborn, protecting our 2nd Amendment gun rights and appointments to the Supreme Court that will impact our laws now—and for future generations. That’s what’s at stake, and we can’t sit idly by in this election.

With Indiana Governor Mike Pence joining the ticket as the Vice President selection, he brings strong executive experience as a Governor, plus a good perspective from his previous service in Congress. This will make the ticket stronger and will bring a big boost to the campaign in key states.

Here’s what I hope you will consider doing this week to help us win in November:

Talk to your Republican friends about the incredibly clear choice in this election and the major differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ask them to join you and me in supporting Donald Trump—and to get actively involved in the campaign.

Please make a donation to the Mississippi Republican Party today so we can run a strong campaign in our state. Your support can make the difference to help our Party.

Thank you for your longtime support of Republican candidates in our state. Because of your support, our Republican Party is in position to be well-organized to turn out a big vote in November—but we can’t do it without you. Please help today by donating to the Mississippi Republican Party.


Governor Phil Bryant


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