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Did you Know... We've Already Done $2.4 Trillion in Deficit Reduction

Every 20 minutes or so, someone says something like "We've got to do something about this outta-control spending!" It occurs to me that these people generally aren't talking about the defense and security budgets, which take up about 2/3 of discretionary spending. Most of the time they seem to want to cut someone else's Social Security or someone else's health care.

Why is this so important? The outta-control-totally-irresponsible Obama Deficit, of course.

But did you know http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2013/01/08/we_ve_already_done_2_4_trillion_in_deficit_reduction.html">We've Already Done $2.4 Trillion in Deficit Reduction?

Says Matt Yglesias of Slate.com: But don't let anyone convince you that nothing's being done. The economic recovery is reducing the deficit, and measures already enacted are bringing further deficit reductions.


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