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Dems: GOP Tries 'Brinkmanship on Medicaid'

The following is a verbatim statement from the Mississippi Democratic Trust:

Jackson, MS- This afternoon, the House Rules Committee killed S.B. 2207, a measure that would extend the repealers on various provisions of Mississippi’s Medicaid program and allow for the consideration of Medicaid expansion.

Proponents of Medicaid expansion say that in the long-term, expansion will save both state and federal dollars while extending healthcare coverage to thousands of lower-income Mississippians. In Mississippi, expansion would also mean jobs by improving Mississippi’s healthcare workforce.

By tabling S.B. 2207, House Republicans are attempting to shut down the conversation on Medicaid expansion in Mississippi. As a result of the Rules Committee’s actions, the only remaining Medicaid bill is H.B. 560, a measure that failed to pass in the House and is currently being held on a Motion to Reconsider. H.B. 560 does not contain any of the code sections that would allow for Medicaid expansion.

House Democratic Caucus Leader Bobby Moak (D-Bogue Chitto) said, “Republicans are again proving that they are not interested in an open and honest discussion on Medicaid. If they were, they would allow Mississippians the benefit of considering this important issue with all options on the table.”

Moak added, “House Democrats will not abide false deadlines or political ploys on this issue. We are ready to kill every bill that comes before us that does not allow for a full vetting of the crucial question of Medicaid expansion. Any attempt by Republicans to suggest that they don’t have options to revive a Medicaid bill is nonsense. They have the Governor’s mansion, the Senate and the House. If a Medicaid bill doesn’t pass in the next month its because Republicans are more interested in playing politics than doing their jobs.”


Duan 7 years, 3 months ago

Considering the strenous regulations that are about to be placed on abortion clinics in the state, you would think there would be a fall back plan to at least support women with unwanted pregnancies or troubled pregnancies. So the Medicaid Expansion would be the out from a strategically point of view for the argument on the regulations.

But to simply say no to abortion and no to Medicaid expansion = dangerous territory for women in the state that fall under the categories working poor or on the poverty line.

I just don't get the logic sometimes.


BobbyKearan 7 years, 3 months ago

The GOP doesn't have any access to Logic - they live in a world where blatant falsehoods are taken for gospel truth. You can't effectively use logic without a basis in fact.


justjess 7 years, 3 months ago

@ Duan - "I just don't get the logic sometimes."

There isn't any log: It is all about power and control and their hope of setting up an under class. Abortion is legal and there isn't any need to challenge Roe v Wade. Who will pay the bills when MS is sued by physicians, their patients and clinics that lose revenue secondary to the fact that these ugly demonstrations keep women away who simply want a breast exam or a pap smear.

Duan, again I say, there isn't any logic: It is ignorance, arrogance and a plan to make life more difficult for women and espcially the poor. It is not sometime; It is always.


robbier 7 years, 3 months ago

Jess, please explain further the merits of this lawsuit brought by the physicians against their native state, as I enjoy good comedy.


Duan 7 years, 3 months ago

Hey Jess, I was trying to give'em the benefit of the doubt, LOL!

But I understand what you mean too.

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