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City Responds to Hinds County Emergency Declaration

According to WJTV the Hinds County Board of Supervisors http://wjtv.com/2017/02/21/hinds-county-supervisors-to-ask-governor-to-declare-state-of-emergency-over-jackson-water-issues/">voted today to declare a state of emergency in South Jackson to support work on a 48-inch water main; the work may require a significant time period of disrupted water service in the area.

The City responded with the following statement:

“The City of Jackson is continuing to consult with key stakeholders, including Hinds County, as it moves forward with plans for the water outage that is necessary to repair a 48-inch water line that feeds into the south Jackson area. We welcome the collaboration with the county and any assistance being offered. The outage will impact a sizable area of the City and we want to ensure the public has ample notice to prepare for the outage. We have not set a definitive date for the outage. In our plans, we’re considering the best strategy with the least disruption of service to our customers. We want to perform all due diligence before we make a final decision on when the work will occur. ”


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