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Crossroads Film Society Issues Statement on HB 1523

(Verbatim) Statement from the Crossroads Film Society Board:

It is ironic that on the heels of our very diverse, inclusive, and kind-hearted film festival, those of us who cherish open dialogue and respect the contributions we each make to our State find ourselves at another kind of crossroad.

Recent and confounding action by our State government to legitimize discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and to institutionalize fear of an open and diverse society, challenges Crossroads Film Society to show even more resolve to promote, nurture, and attract diverse and creative artists and film lovers to Mississippi.

We at Crossroads believe that the arts are tools, not weapons, and that we have a responsibility to promote a culture of respect for those who agree or disagree with us.

We do not fear diversity and we are now challenged to stay the course "to celebrate the art of filmmaking in all of its diversity and depth" and embrace that diversity in all aspects of our lives.


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