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Why Stop At the Bible? More Christian Symbols for Mississippi

On the heels of last year’s move to add “In God We Trust” to the state seal, there’s now a push to make the Holy Bible our official state book. Still, there might be some out there who don’t understand how much Mississippi truly loves God and his son Jesus Christ. Legality aside, adopting these official symbols would really drive the point for any poor soul still unsure where our state’s religious loyalties lie:

• State fruit tree: Apple from the Tree of Good and Evil

• State spice formation: Pillar of salt

• State boat: The ark

• State allegory: David vs. Goliath

• State tower: Babel

• State shrub: Burning bush

• State geologic formation: Stone tablets

• State garment: The coat of many colors

• State mode of transport: Chariot of Fire

• State ungulate: Lamb of God

• State meal: Loaves and Fishes

• State miracle: Turning water to (muscadine) wine

• State method of execution: Crucifixion

• State shoe: Those groovy sandals that Jesus wore

• State religion: Christianity. Duh.

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by R.L. Nave


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