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Meridian Fights The Power Against Kemper, Too

(Yes, I'm going to get all the mileage I can out of http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2013/oct/02/fighting-power-kemper-county/">this Public Enemy-esque headline.)

A group called Mississippians for Affordable Energy picketed Tuesday night in Meridian to protest Mississippi Power Co.'s Kemper County coal-fired power plant.

Local TV station, http://www.wtok.com/news/headlines/Kemper-County-Plant-Protest-227008601.html?ref=601">WTOK reported: "The picketers say they were there in protest of the financial burdens on ratepayers as Mississippi Power constructs the lignite plant, as well as a fundraising dinner that was in progress tonight for Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey."

The news station noted that the protestors set up outside of Weidmann's, a fancy joint in downtown Meridian.

Posey, a Republican, has consistently voted in favor of Mississippi Power and Kemper. And even though Posey won't be up for re-election again for another couple years, it's possible that he is banking that the growing unpopularity and price tag of Kemper -- almost $5 billion -- won't sit well with central-district voters in 2015.

Meridian is approximately 30 miles south of where Kemper construction is taking place.


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