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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: We’re All Living in Tate Reeves’ Pottery Barn Now

As Gov. Tate Reeves learned this past week, the most powerful public office in Mississippi isn't actually that of governor.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Flatten The Curve, Think Local in Wake of COVID-19

The Jackson Free Press team has done its damnedest to bring you the latest news on COVID-19 as it breaks here in the Jackson and throughout the state, as well ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Mr. Mayor, Don’t Let ‘One Lake’ Be Your ‘Siemens’

"The mayor is clearly trying to express support for the people who are experiencing flooding this week. But this isn't (just) about sturgeon, Mr. Mayor. And I sincerely encourage you ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Engagement, Solutions, Race Equity and IPAs

"As we go into 2020, I think two things could help downtown Jackson become more vibrant. First, interest and awareness in downtown need to be curated. Second, we as citizens ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Press Still Rolls as the JFP Enters Our 18th Year

This issue we celebrate moving into our 18th year of publishing as a voice for Jacksonians who want to see progress in the capital city and the Magnolia State. It's ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Billy Graham, Primary Coverage and JFP VIPs

"If a male politician elects to follow the "Billy Graham Rule," it really is incumbent upon him to make the accommodations necessary to meet with women—reporters, constituents, policy advisers and ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Men, It’s Time to Solve Sexism

"It's up to men to solve sexism." We were at breakfast when Donna said that to me. I was immediately struck by the profundity of the statement—in part because it ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: On Podcasting, Events and Crossroads Film Festival

As the weather gets a little more accommodating, I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities not only to have a little fun but to support local artists, local organizations ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: On Tourism, the Food Business and ‘Let’s Talk Jackson’

This issue of BOOM Jackson serves two major purposes. One, it's a three-month look ahead at arts and cultural events in the Jackson metro. Two, we do the BOOM edition ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Celebrating the Best

Each year, we use Best of Jackson to highlight the best local businesses, people and organizations in the city.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: ‘Tis a Very VIP Season

For the better part of two decades, the JFP has been proud to present the one, authentic, local and first "Best of" competition that seeks to promote the unique people, ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: ‘One Lake’ Backers Have a Transparency Problem

Proponents of the "One Lake" project on the Pearl River have a high bar to clear, and I don't think they're doing it yet. Their problem is simple: lack of ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Times They Are a Changin’ at the JFP

Let's jump right to it—we're announcing exciting changes with this issue. We've been planning for months how we will best serve the reader, how we serve local businesses and help ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Complacency vs. The Permission to Care Deeply

One of the biggest letdowns of the modern era—and the money involved in American politics—is the complacency that sets in once someone gets into office.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Solution Isn’t Rocket Science; It’s Community

The more hands-off we are, the more we can find other people to blame for society's ills; the more we make selfishness a virtue, the less we actually act in ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Celebrating Local Urban Warriors for 16 Years Now

In the first-ever full issue of the Jackson Free Press in October 2002, we had a Best of Jackson ballot, with plans to reveal the winners the following January—just as ...

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Celebrating 15 Years in the DIY City

The Jackson Free Press is 15 years old. It's still sinking in a little. No, it doesn't seem like "yesterday" to me when we started the JFP—because it's been a ...

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Editorial Awards Encouraging for Our 15th Anniversary

Real solutions to violent crime start with understanding how we got to where we are—what's systemic about the problem—and what the best practices are for interrupting violence and setting young ...

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Shop, Eat and Drink Local This Fourth!

We're deep into our 15th year of publishing as July 4th rolls around, which means we at the Jackson Free Press have being doing something else for a decade and ...

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Let’s Elect Lumumba on June 6 and Get Organized

I've had a number of great conversations recently with local business people who are curious to see where our city is headed now that the primary is behind us, and ...

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Doers, Builders, Creators: Let’s Get Organized

I've been saying it for a hot minute about Jackson, and particularly about creatives, professionals and local business interests in Jackson—we need to get organized.

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Growing Jackson’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

There's a word for what Jackson has developed for certain industries, especially food, medical-technology, nonprofit and government work, even law—it's an "ecosystem."

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Want Change? Get Involved

Some exciting things are happening in technology and entrepreneurship in Jackson this year.

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Providing Hope for Kids Is In Our Self-Interest

By identifying kids and their needs when they start getting in trouble, and then interrupting that pattern and getting them "wraparound" services, you give them a better chance at making ...

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We’ve Already Given Trump ‘A Chance’

This year, unlike any I remember, many of us—polls suggest it's a majority of Americans—will watch with a new level of trepidation. And we wonder, "What, exactly, should we give ...

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Think Global, Art Local

December is always an interesting month at the Jackson Free Press. Right after Thanksgiving, we promote local shopping with our Small Business Saturday focus and our local gift guides throughout ...

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Vote for Clinton and Good Government in U.S., State

If you're like me, you're probably happy this presidential election is coming to an end. And, for a variety of reasons (not all of them the same) you might also ...

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Looking for Leaders, Equitable Thinking

For years, I figured I'd like to go through Leadership Greater Jackson, but it "wasn't the year" for me—not enough time to commit or money or both—but this year, when ...

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Jackson Teens Need Mentors, Opportunity

If Reeves and other state GOP officials really want to see crime come down in the capital city, are they ready to allocate resources to both academic education, early-education and ...

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‘Shift Your Shopping’ During Independents Week

As we pause this week to consider what makes this country great, I'd like to suggest that you think about the small, local, independent businesses that make this region a ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Juvenile Crime: Identify the Problem

It may not be your fault, but it is your problem. It's our problem. And so far, solving problems seems to be pretty much our saving grace as a species—which ...

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The Permission to Care Deeply

With the legislative season coming to a close, those of us who spend a lot of time championing progress for Jackson and Mississippi have had a tough go of it.

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Phil Bryant and Mississippi GOP: Bad for Business

Gov. Phil Bryant's decision is wrong. It's bad for people, and it's bad for business.

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‘Faith-Based’ Economics vs. Actual Math

Cutting franchise taxes is a major priority of ALEC, the ultra-conservative anti-taxation group to which so many conservative legislators swear fealty.

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Is the 'Airport Takeover' All About ... A Road?

As the airport "takeover" bill wends its way through the Mississippi Legislature, it's becoming a little more clear that the point of the bill is not to improve airport services ...

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What If We Could Fill Potholes ... With Jobs?

Are potholes the worst problem we face in Jackson? No. But they represent a pretty big problem for more than one reason.

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Reminding Ourselves How Great Jackson Is

It's worth a moment of reflection to think about how far we've come in the 14 years that the JFP has asked readers who and what they think constitute the ...

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Vote, Shop and Give Thanks ... Locally

Vote with your dollars and your nomination to support local businesses this holiday season.

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Do the Anti-42 Politicians Feel No Shame?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why Mississippi's Republican Leadership seems to hate democracy so much?

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Need Solutions? Love The Problem

What Jackson needs, perhaps more than anything else, is more taxpaying people to help shoulder the burden and work on solutions.

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Congrats to Staff and Freelancers: It’s Award Season!

Spring weather, barbecue and canned beer on ice mean a little something extra at the Jackson Free Press in the month of May, because it's also the annual announcement era ...