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Jackson Water: Lime Problem Went Unnoticed for Years, Fixed Now

Lead appearing in Jackson’s water in 2015 resulted from a faulty lime-feed system at O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant, as well as shifting water chemistries, an expert consultant told the ...

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JRA, City at Odds Over $1.5 Million Bill for Farish Street

Somebody has to pay back $1.5 million to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development since the Farish Street project stalled in 2014, but it is unclear whether the ...

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Privatized Meters Forgoing Long-term Profit

The City of Jackson could lose a chunk of future earnings from parking meters and municipal fines in exchange for a steady, smaller burst of revenue for the next 10 ...

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Stamps: Transition to Trump a Time of Opportunity for Jackson

Jackson City Councilman De'Keither Stamps met with members of President-elect Donald Trump's transitional team earlier this month in Washington as a part of a group of leaders of color from ...

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Debate Over Neighborhood Gates Continues

Carl Menist, a resident of the Woodland Hills neighborhood in Jackson, showed up to a Nov. 14 city-council public hearing to speak out against a plan to gate his community. ...

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Mississippi Voter Turnout Down Over Last Presidential Election

Mississippi's presidential turnout numbers dropped almost 75,000 over 2012 this year, in one of first elections in recent memory without any federal oversight of polls in the state.

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Precinct 4 Moves to New Headquarters, Responds to Business Break-ins

If you ask some Jackson Police Department officers, the best part about moving to a new location was that now they don't have to take the stairs every day.

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On Way Out of Jackson, Siemens Addresses ‘Stranded Bills’

The Jackson City Council expressed concerns about charging those on fixed incomes the larger-than-normal bills that have accumulated over the last six months as the water-billing department and Siemens close ...

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Clinton Handily Wins Hinds, Despite Poll Problems, Closings

Hinds County Election Commissioner Connie Cochran stands amid piles of papers, ballots and maps as workers comb through the boxes upon boxes of affidavit ballots that voters filled out during ...

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Flowood Mayor: 'One Lake' Project Will Protect Hospitals from Flooding

Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads supports the "One Lake" plan to widen the Pearl River to protect the hospitals that sit in Rankin County's floodplain, he said today.

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57 Homicides So Far in Jackson; Police Force Drops to 392

Jackson has passed the number of homicides for last year, just as the police department's count of uniformed officers drops below 400.

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MDOT Gifts Land to Private Group

Locals have long used the large chunk of land north of Pearl and south of the reservoir, a pie-chunk of untouched wild, for recreation. The current mayor of Flowood is ...

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Water Billing Problems Continue, But Contract Renewed

Even as complaints mount about large and incorrect water bills in Jackson, the City Council approved a contract of more than $300,000 to continue use of the Oracle software that ...

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‘We Failed Him’: Caught in the Revolving Door of Juvenile Detention

Yvette Mason hopes that telling her son Charles McDonald's story will prevent others from experiencing her pain by highlighting the lack of resources available to families of troubled youth in ...

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Federal Violence Liaison Visits JPD; Homicide Suspect Named, Sought

Jackson's upcoming participation with the federal Violence Reduction Network will open up the capital city to new resources, both monetary and otherwise, federal liaison and former St. Louis Police Chief ...

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Fondren Sidewalk Project Delayed, Scaled Back to Lower Costs

Fondren's four-year-old sidewalk facelift proposal, which would bring the neighborhood in compliance with federal disabilities law, may take even longer because it was way over-budget.

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Turmoil at JSU: State Applies Heavy Hand

Jackson State University must brace itself for changes, from financial policies to a new president, in the wake of news that it has nearly exhausted its cash reserves.

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Court: Judge Weill Can Continue Hiring Private Attorneys for Public Defense

Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill can continue hiring private attorneys instead of public defenders in criminal cases before him, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled this week.

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JSU President Resigns, New Dorms on Hold

Jackson State University President Carolyn Meyers has submitted her resignation just days after the state's college board put plans for new dorms at the historically black public university on hold ...

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Changing the Form of City Government

On a vote of 4-1, the Jackson City Council last week shot down Ward 4 Councilman De'Keither Stamps' proposed resolution supporting a citizen-led initiative to change the form of government ...

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Secret Tapes Reveal DA’s Private Side

Former Assistant District Attorney Ivon Johnson taped conversations with Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith on May 9 and June 18, the last session only four days before sheriff's ...

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Hinds DA Can Keep His Counsel, Fails to Quash Indictment

Special Judge Larry Roberts ruled this morning that Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith can continue to retain Tupelo attorney Jim Waide, as long as he understands the potential ...

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City's Parking Meters May Double Cost, Revenue Under New Partnership

The Jackson City Council wants to make sure it gets the best deal for the City's lucrative parking-meter contract, including a requirement doubling the current rates for the meters with ...

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JPD Seeking Kidnapper; No Homicides; Low Crime for State Fair, JSU Game

The Jackson Police Department is on the lookout for a man accused of kidnapping and holding a 19-year-old woman hostage for two days.

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Fondren Residents Push Back on Neighborhood Gates, City Backtracks

Walter "Dick" Dickerson and his wife have lived on Ridge Drive the Woodland Hills subdivision in Fondren for the last 21 years. It's not a gated community, and he does ...

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In Search of the Wheel’s Hub

What exactly was Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith looking for when he subpoenaed a circuit-court judge in January?

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'One Lake’ Plan Moving Forward

Finding a way to prevent the kind of flooding that left downtown Jackson underwater in the Great Easter Flood of 1979—while still getting the most use out of the river ...

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Showing Up: Mayoral Hopeful Graham Pledges to Manage Crisis

Robert Graham traces his 35 years with the Jackson Police Department with a sense of resolve. Starting at JPD as a civilian who mopped the floors, he says it was ...

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Hinds County Funds Girl's Home After State Money Dries Up

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors this morning allocated funding for the fifth year in a row to support an alternative to detention for young girls.

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Arts Head Blasts City for Cuts, But Deep Everywhere

The Jackson City Council moved funding back to the Greater Jackson Arts Council on Oct. 4, but it was not up to the level of last year—nor did it come ...

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UPDATED: City Agreement Outrages Abortion Clinic Owner, Staff

Pro-Life Mississippi protesters reached an agreement with the City of Jackson recently in federal court to limit what they say are breaches of their constitutional right to protest. But the ...

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DA Could Face Fast Removal from Office If Judge Grants Bench Trial

The Mississippi attorney general’s office wants to move forward quickly on the single misdemeanor charge Hinds County Robert Shuler Smith faces, possibly removing him from office without a jury decision.

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Lawsuit Targets Chris Butler, Connected to Mega Mattress Scam

Christopher Butler, one of the more prominent figures involved in the ongoing legal battle between Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith and the Mississippi attorney general's office, now faces ...

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In DA Case, Former Mayor Danks Challenges AG's Right to Empanel Grand Jury

Former Jackson Mayor Dale Danks Jr., the attorney for Assistant District Attorney Jamie McBride, is challenging the attorney general's authority to ask a Hinds County grand jury to indict him ...

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Murders Reach 54, Kidnapper Nabbed, City Joining Federal Anti-crime Network

As Jackson suffered its 54th violent death this year, Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance reminded his team that they would have to do more with less during this difficult budget ...

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City Agrees to Stop Interfering with Anti-abortion Protesters in Fondren

The City of Jackson recently entered into its second consent decree with a group of these protesters over interactions with the Jackson Police Department, alleging that police officers have consistently ...

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City Police Overtime Balanced, Fair Security Set

In a climate of desperation, the Jackson City Council approved the final numbers for the 2016 budget last week, closing out a difficult financial year for the City while rolling ...

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FBI Agent Accuses Hinds District Attorney of Shielding Drug Traffickers

A judge unsealed documents last week as part of the ongoing case against Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith and Assistant District Attorney Jamie McBride that reveal more about ...

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County Renews Lapsed Ankle-Bracelet Contract DA Complained About

No contract existed between Hinds County and the company that provided pre-trial detainee supervision, Probation Services Company, LLC, for almost 8 years, until the Board of Supervisors ratified a motion ...

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JPD, Fair Commission Say No Payment, Security Problems This Year

The Jackson Police Department and the Mississippi State Fair Commission say they are confident there will not be a repeat of last year's litigious ending to a disagreement about overtime ...

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Robert Shuler Smith Reinstated as Hinds District Attorney, Despite Indictment

Robert Shuler Smith is the District Attorney of Hinds County again, effectively immediately after the Mississippi Supreme Court today overturned an order barring Smith from his duties.

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JPD Needs Almost $1 Million for Overtime, Council Approves Funds

The Jackson City Council approved adjustments to the final 2017 City budget today, including an additional $996,173 for the police department to cover overtime on the last paychecks of 2016.

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Henley-Young Increases Mental Health Care

Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center will soon be able to offer mental-health assessments and treatments after a court-appointed monitor's report led the county to allocate $190,000 to expand the facility's staff.

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Arts Council’s Future Uncertain, Some Cry Foul

In uncertain financial times for the City of Jackson, some council members worry that the mayoral administration could deploy departmental cuts, such as the defunding of the Greater Jackson Arts ...

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Alleged Smith-Turner Connection Revealed in Case 16-120

The connection between Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith and Darnell Turner, a criminal defendant named in one of the six counts that Smith faced originally, has been something ...

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Youth Court Judge Sues Hinds County Over Budget

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors finds itself caught between two judges in their efforts to address issues at the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center.

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Rule Changes to Civil Service Commission Under Fire

The City of Jackson Civil Service Commission reinstated an employee of 25 years, who had been laid off before others with less tenure, raising questions about an Aug. 11 change ...

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Sheriff: Volunteer Deputies on Bikes to Patrol Downtown 'Transients'

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason wants to sweep away the "transient" population downtown with a bike-and-foot patrol comprised of reserve officers, all without expense to the county.

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Cuts to City Budget Hurt, Surprise

Patricia Phillips bought a white 2014 Mazda 6 last November because she felt confident in her steady paycheck and supervisor position at an early-childhood care center with the City of ...

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The DA’s Puzzling Accusations

A week after Special Judge Larry Roberts ordered files unsealed in the wide-ranging charges against Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith for allegedly improperly trying to help a defendant, ...