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Tim Summers Jr.

Born in Vicksburg, Tim Summers, Jr. has deep roots in Mississippi. From his early childhood years to his time spent at the University of Mississippi, his interest in the story of the state and her people has led to a career focused on helping people, and now Jacksonians, learn more about themselves and the world around them. He has a cat named Merlyn and hopes to soon ride his bike through the City, dodging potholes along the way.

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DA Smith Wins on One Count, But Passes on 'Whistleblower' Bad Check Claims

The trial against Downtown Jackson Partners President Ben Allen wound up on Feb. 7, even as the woman who landed him there remained conspicuously absent from the courtroom.

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Mayor Yarber, Socrates Garrett Address Contracting Dispute, 'Steering'

Mayor Tony Yarber and his administration recently became defendants in another sexual-harassment lawsuit, this time saddled with charges of steering city contracts to campaign supporters.

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UPDATED: Jury Finds Allen Guilty for Cell-phone Payment, Not Guilty on Nine Counts

The jury in the trial of Downtown Jackson Partners President Ben Allen found him guilty on one count, not guilty on nine others after six hours of deliberation.

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Allen Trial: Defense Rests After Making Case DJP Doesn’t Collect 'Taxes’

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith spent the morning attempting to attack several aspects of Downtown Jackson Partners attorney Robert Gibbs, during the fifth day of testimony in the ...

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DJP Board Attorney Gibbs Takes Stand to Defend Ben Allen's Actions

Robert Gibbs, the attorney for Downtown Jackson Partners, took the stand this morning in the trial of DJP President Ben Allen in the same courtroom where he presided as a ...

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Woman Sues City of Jackson, Alleges Pay-to-Play Scheme, Sexual Harassment

Mayor Tony Yarber and the City of Jackson are facing another lawsuit alleging sexual harassment from a former employee, except this time the former Equal Business Opportunity manager asserts that ...

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'Never in This Courtroom': Allen Trial Twists, Turns with Accuser Absent

Over the last two days, the prosecution tried hard to convince a Hinds County jury that President Ben Allen mishandled public money while leading the Downtown Jackson Partners business improvement ...

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Hinds, Rankin Battle for Wastewater Treatment

The City of Jackson's monopoly on wastewater treatment for the region lost ground last week as a Rankin chancery court agreed with an earlier decision to allow the West Rankin ...

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UPDATED: In Allen Trial, DA Argues that DJP Funds Are Public

The trial of Downtown Jackson Partners President Ben Allen began this morning with opening statements and testimony from an attorney who formerly worked with the state auditor's office asserting the ...

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UPDATED: 'Kingmaker' Bickers' Name Surfaces in Atlanta Bribery, Intimidation Investigation

A well-known and nationally recognized political operative that Mayor Tony Yarber refers to as a "kingmaker," Mitzi Bickers, has been mentioned in connection to a federal bribery investigation into the ...

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