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Stories by Kathleen M.

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Curfews and Coffee Cake

It was tradition for us to have coffee cake on Christmas morning, which Mom would prep before we could unwrap a single gift.

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Amanda McMillan

One late Saturday evening in 2013, Amanda McMillan took a break from her job as a server at Table 100 in Flowood. By Tuesday, McMillan was in Washington, D.C., shaking ...

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Dr. Christian Koch

Growing up solving riddles and puzzles set Dr. Christian Koch on a path to medicine. He loved mathematics and constantly asked "why?"

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Pop-Up Ballot: Best Place for Crawfish

The Crawdad Hole's existence makes lazy summer weekends in Jackson automatically better.

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The Mississippi Brewery Trail

The Mississippi Brewery Trail is a new way to explore our state’s burgeoning beer culture. The trail, established in 2013, currently covers eight breweries.

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John Currence's Big Bad Cookbook

Chef John Currence spells out his cooking manifesto before we get to the first recipe. It includes advice such as make your own bread, buy quality ingredients, cut the "low-fat" ...

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JXN Scavenge

This summer, let's recreate that fun with a Jackson-centric scavenger hunt that you can do one weekend.

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Chef Bhatt: Top of His Class

Vishwesh Bhatt, 48, is the chef at Oxford's Snackbar, part of the City Grocery family of restaurants that John Currence owns.

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Constance Gordon

Constance Gordon, 32, currently uses her voice as an advocacy coordinator for the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Summer Manifesto

When we're adults, (for most of us, at least) the summer no longer means little to no responsibilities, but it still holds a certain kind of enchantment.

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Mississippi Marine Eats

When it comes to seafood, Mississippi may not be the first state on most folks' lips, but we enjoy an abundance of seafood from both the Gulf Coast and the ...

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A Beautiful Blend

The best weddings combine personal aspects into something fully unique to the couple. When Setu Raval wed Zach Seivers, the occasion incorporated Indian culture, southern family values, cinematic flair, and ...

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Joseph Moss

Joseph Moss uses the word "fortunate" a lot. He says it when talking about his parents and how they raised him on a cattle farm in Canton to know the ...

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The Wine Guy

Sommelier John Malanchak has a low-stress approach to teaching about wine.

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Good Ideas: Health

Women's health in Jackson must encompass many things—healthy food, exercise and mental-health resources, to name a few—but wellness also depends on reproductive health, which is one of the areas where ...

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Good Ideas: Security

If a woman can't make enough money to support herself and her family, she may not have the strength to get out of an abusive situation.

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Good Ideas: Leadership

Time and time again, studies show that when women's lives improve—economically, educationally, health-wise or otherwise—so do their family's.

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Race You

This week kicks off race and 5K season, and hopefully with it, beautiful spring weather just begging for folks to get outside and run around.

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The Ultimate Comfort Food

Only one meal is worth ordering at O'Connor's—not because it's the only good thing on the menu, which I'm sure it isn't, but because it is so delicious and so ...

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Irish Wisdom, Irish Pride

While Ireland and Mississippi might be miles apart, geographically and culturally, the two have more in common than you might believe.

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Inspiring Accent Table

See more of our office transformation in the next issue of BOOM Jackson magazine, out the first week of March.

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By the Seashore

Recently, the cuisine of two Mississippi chefs proved to me I should give fish more credit.

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Mr. Houston's Merroir

Jesse Houston, Jackson's resident mad scientist chef, is ready to pull a crabbit—yes, crabbit—out of his hat. He's hard at work planning for the opening of his new eatery, an ...

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Lee King

When legendary performer James Brown called to offer Lee King a job, King hung up on him. Twice.

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The 14-Minute Fix

If you are like me, your home feels a little ... less after the holiday decorations are packed up and put away.

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Wellness and Wholeness

You can't have true wellness without balancing the whole. A person who works 24/7 might be great at his or her job. They might be successful or rich. But they ...

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Ring in 2014: Dinner, Parties and Dancing Around Town

New Year's Eve is a wonderful night to reflect on the last 365 days and to gear up for the 365 days ahead.

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Fun Run

Each marathon has its own spirit, from Boston's grueling heartbreak hill to the quirky costumes in New York City to the sunny California attitude in San Francisco.

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Alt. Wreaths

In search of the tackiest wreath I could come up, I decided to pay homage to Miss Donna Summer, Disco Queen. I glued the most scratched album I could find ...

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Homemade Ornaments

Ornaments aren't just pretty, colorful decorations to make your tree festive. They should also tell the story of your life, of the things, people and places that mean something to ...

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Smooth as String

Threading is an ancient hair removal method in India and other eastern countries, but it's gaining popularity in the western world.

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More Than a Trim

Walk into Trim Salon off Mitchell Avenue in Fondren on a random afternoon, and you're just as likely to see an old-school southern Junior Leaguer from northeast Jackson as you ...

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Kirti Naran

Naran opened Incense Salon and Boutique a decade ago with her sister, Rina Patel, where they specialize in hair removal by threading, a practice originated in India.

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Positive Beauty

Making other people feel beautiful makes me feel a little more beautiful, too.

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A Delta Romp

John Pritchard will sign his latest book at Lemuria Nov. 7.

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Wig Out

Jackson Free Press Art Director Kristin Brenemen shared her tips for transforming a wig into the perfect topper for any costume.

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Autumnal I Do

A make-your-own candy apple bar is a decadent and fun way to bring fall flavors to your wedding reception.

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Ramsey’s Food Network Debut

Tom Ramsey makes his network debut competing in "Guy's Grocery Games," hosted by Guy Fieri. Sunday, Ramsey will host a watch party at Hal & Mal's.

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Go Big (When You) Go Home

When it comes to decor, sometimes you need a big piece to make a room look balanced, fill a large empty wall or make a bold statement.

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subSIPPI: Capturing the Zeitgeist

For the last year, three 20-somethings have traveled the state seeking to peel back the layers of Mississippi cultures.

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Wedding Day, the Kid-Friendly Way

Incorporating kids into a wedding day can be a touching gesture, but it isn’t for everyone.

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Robert St. John: The Unlikely Chef

To say Robert St. John is modest about what led to his success is to put it lightly. The Hattiesburg, Miss., native insists he "sort of fell backward" into the ...

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Finding Sheroes

Think about the women you see in films and TV shows, on magazine covers and runways. They are pornified, photoshopped, plastic.


An Honest Attitude

Debra Griffin has an honest attitude when it comes to past business failures.

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Becoming an Insider

Do you remember the moment you felt like a true Jacksonian?

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Who Loves JX?

Through the T-shirt design company Studio Chane and local clothing store Swell-O-Phonic, Ron Chane has provided Jackson with snarky tees for two and a half decades now.

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Bar Hopping

These days, women are hitting the bar before they even go out—but not to drink.

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Jackson's Story

Everyone has a story to tell. We just have to open ourselves up to hear it.

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Space Saver

One of the biggest issues in making any home both functional and attractive is storage. How do you keep knickknacks and doodads immediately accessible yet pleasing to look at? I ...

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Beer Exploration

It's a good week—and summer—to love beer in Jackson. After last year's passage of the higher-gravity beer law, and this year seeing the homebrewing ban lifted once and for all, ...