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Dr. Omar Abdul-Rahman

Dr. Omar Abdul-Rahman, a pediatrics professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, recognizes that medicine is not one size fits all. That's why he is studying the role that ...

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Kill Bill Vol. 3: Education, Entertainment, Elections

On the Feb. 3 bill deadline in the Mississippi Legislature, committee chairmen—like the katana-wielding Uma Thurman—swiftly killed several bills aimed at helping educate Mississippi children, creating a music industry in ...

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Are Schools Still Pushing Kids Out?

Krystal Polk's 13-year-old daughter, Krystin, has been arrested twice this school year. The first time, the eighth-grader spent the night in a juvenile detention center.

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Excerpts from Judge Carlton Reeves’ Ruling

Even an abbreviated history shows that millions of Americans were once deemed ineligible for full Fourteenth Amendment protection.

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‘Justice, Justice, Thou Shalt Pursue’: The JFP Interview with Roberta Kaplan

Like many LGBTQ couples, New York attorney Roberta Kaplan and her wife, Rachel Lavine, have enjoyed federal marriage rights since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned federal restrictions against same-sex marriage ...

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Funking Up Jackson, Targeting Crime

Fred McAfee was on a study committee that the Mississippi Legislature created last year to determine the feasibility of creating incentives to facilitate an entertainment industry for the state.

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Building LGBT Teen, Business Alliances

When a Magnolia Junior High School teacher conducted a math exercise by dividing the classroom into two teams based on gender, Destin Holmes was forced to sit in the middle ...

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Middle-Class Families Could Get Special-Needs Help

When the parents of 10-year-old Flannery Smith noticed their daughter's learning difficulty, they took immediate action. Through legal help from the Mississippi Center for Justice, the family compelled the school ...

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LGBT Leader, Other Democratic Women Running for Office

The civil engineer and businesswoman helping to spearhead the fight for marriage equality in Mississippi is running for state auditor and hopes to bring transparency to the office that holds ...

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Uncertainty Looms for Wages, Schools, Health Care in Tax Cut Plan

Despite a controversial $1.5 billion tax cut prompting fierce debate on education funding, state employee salaries, grocery taxes and lottery tickets, the Republican-led tax plan passed the Mississippi House of ...

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Mississippi Sex Education Efforts Still Limited

Although the state began to require institutions of higher education to create a plan for pregnancy prevention, it has not helped the schools develop those plans, nor has it required ...

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Tackling Poverty, Medicaid: Solutions Discussed Outside of Capitol

Over the last several days, the Mississippi Legislature has hit a calmer patch of the session as it deals with the state budget, despite the week beginning with racist comments ...

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Vicki Slater Announces Governor Candidacy

Democrat Vicki Slater announced her candidacy for governor Thursday morning on the platform of better jobs, better education and better healthcare.

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Vaccination Exemptions and Outbreaks by State

A measles outbreak originating at Disneyland in California has infected more than 120 people across 14 states since December.

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Meddling in Foreign Policy Could Cost State

With the same gusto as with last year's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Mississippi lawmakers are advancing new laws that appear to have little real effect.

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Common Core Rollback Leads a Week of Capitol Politics

While the Mississippi Legislature advances several pieces of substantial legislation, some lawmakers appear to be gearing up to seek higher office. And voters this year will be subjected to new ...

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Revving Up for the Big Fights

The Mississippi Legislature is preparing for the big fights that come later in the session, now that the Senate and House cleared most routine, non-controversial items off their calendars in ...

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Development Catches Fondren Residents Off Guard

Fondren residents started noticing several rundown houses in January with siding missing and a big, red "X" painted across their doors. Each day, more homes became vacant and began to ...

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New Civil Rights Museum on Track For Completion

In former Gov. Haley Barbour's address Tuesday morning about the progress of the state's new civil rights museum, he stressed the importance of not only recognizing Mississippi's history, but improving ...

State Government

Legislature Status: Bills We're Watching

Lawmakers had a Feb. 3 deadline. Here's what made it and what didn't.

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No Legislation Is Dead Until It’s Dead

It's election year in Mississippi, and that means that state legislators will go for the controversial jugular if it might translate into votes back in the home district.

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Special Ed: ‘It’s Been a Rollercoaster’

Many educators, disability advocate Mandy Rogers said, don't know the procedures regarding students with special needs, such as what kinds of disabilities, like dyslexia, are covered under disability law.

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Rep. Deborah Dixon

Rep. Deborah Dixon's personal experience led her to work on a bill over the last few years that would revise Mississippi's hate-crime law.


Lawmakers Move to Drop Common Core Standards

Lawmakers made moves Thursday to change Mississippi’s academic standards and method of statewide testing.

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McDaniel's New PAC: The Next Generation

With hopes of bringing together multiple factions throughout the state in the wake of a divisive Senate race, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, recently announced his new political action committee, ...

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Target: Abortion Rights, Public Ed, LGBT Custody

Women's rights and public education topped the Mississippi legislative agenda as it rolled past the Jan. 19 deadline for filing bills and into the fourth week of the session, while ...

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Straight, LGBT Teens Fight to Support Each Other

Presley McCord, who is a board member of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Brandon High School, said she hopes the group helps to make a difference and improve the high school ...

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Special Ed Bills Duke It Out

Two bills aimed at improving the educational experience for students with special needs—from opposite ends of the political spectrum—are making the rounds this Legislative session.

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Rep. Bob Evans

A bill from Democratic lawmaker State Rep. Bob Evans from Monticello is raising eyebrows because it contains what appears to be discriminatory language regarding parental custody rights and sexual orientation.

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Divorcing the State's Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Same-sex marriage cases have been in abundance as of late. But today, the justices at the Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments for a different kind of LGBT equality issue: ...

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Behind the Wall

The Mississippi Legislature voted last week to place an alternative to a citizen-driven initiative on the ballot this fall for the first time in Mississippi history under the state's initiative-process ...

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Brandon Gay-Straight Protest Planned Today

Despite fervent backlash from detractors, a demonstration against what LGBT activists call discrimination against a group of students who wanted to create a Gay-Straight Alliance at the school will continue ...

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Tate Reeves Proposes Changes to Tax Code, MAEP, Hospitals

Talk around the Capitol suggests that because it is an election year, nothing substantial will get done. But it's clear that the state leadership has a different idea.

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Mississippi Women Make $11,500 Less Per Year Than Men

Giving merit to their call for equal-pay legislation, the Mississippi Commission on the Status of Women introduced its 2014 report that shows women in the state make an average of ...

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Dems: Education 'Booby Trap' on November Ballot

House Concurrent Resolution 9, which passed the House 64-57 Tuesday, passed the Senate 30-20 Wednesday—virtually a straight party-line vote in both chambers.

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Born To Fight

What would have been a calm first week of the legislative session turned into an explosive debate on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives the morning of Tuesday, ...

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Running the Marriage-Equality Gauntlet

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' hearing on same-sex marriage included three cases from three different states—Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

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Legislature Explodes in Fight Over Public Education

The first big legislative fight of the year exploded in the Mississippi House of Representatives this morning as Democrats attacked a Republican alternative to a statewide ballot initiative that, if ...


Miss. Same-Sex Marriage Fate Now With 5th Circuit

Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas are three very different places, arguments for throwing out each state's same-sex marriage bans—the subject of cases heard in a federal appeals court in New Orleans ...

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Legislators on a Tight Rope, Walking a Fine Line

Officials and advocates don't expect this legislative session to be much different than any other. It's a state-wide election year, which is the perfect time for emphasizing wedge issues and ...

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Analysis: Election-Year Politicking Starts

Like a comet that is visible to Earth denizens only once in a while, the quadrennial event of the election-year legislative session has commenced.

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Boosting Downtown’s Curb Appeal

In downtown Jackson, utility crews whacked off the tops of Bradford pear trees to prevent them from growing into power lines. Iron grates on Congress Street choke the growth of ...

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Same-Sex Marriage Arguments Before 5th Circuit Friday

The future of same-sex marriage in Mississippi hinges upon arguments that begin Friday, Jan. 9.

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Legislature: The War is Just Beginning

The Mississippi Legislature is back in session tomorrow, which means another three months of state representatives at battle on issues, some of questionable significance.

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Christina Doss

After participating in a Habitat for Humanity build in Dallas, Nissan employee Christina Doss plans to use her acquired skills and experience to help enrich her own community in the ...

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Money, Ministry and Stewpot’s Future

Stewpot, a pillar in the Jackson community for its service to the homeless population, has a long history of struggling to make ends meet.

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Does Uber Have a Dark Side?

The ride-sharing app, Uber, has plans to change the transportation game forever. The company included Jackson in those plans as it expanded into the city with its UberX program, beginning ...


What is a ‘Segregation Academy’?

The greatest hike in private academies in Mississippi was from 1968-1971, during which segregated private schools grew from educating just over 5,000 to 40,000 students in the state.

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Then and Now: When ‘School Choice’ Creates a Divide

"School choice" is a hot-button political phrase, used in some form since the 1960s. At its most generic, it means giving parents an option of where to send their kids ...

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Education Funding Center of State Budget Fight

With Republicans controlling both houses and the Governor's Mansion, not a lot of compromise is necessary for the GOP to get its way in the new session. But Democrats are ...