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[Agnew] Voters with Disabilities

"My mom won't take me to vote, but I want to go," a young woman says to me as I take questions from her group. I ask her if she ...

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[Pass The Mic] Auto-Tune: A Rant

There once was a local television commercial with cute children singing "This Little Light of Mine." One of the cutest things about children singing is the fact that they are ...


[Pass the Mic] Plus the Kitchen Sink

If I didn't know better, I would swear there is a secret highway that leads directly from Jackson to Portland, Ore. In the last couple of years, several Jacksonians have ...


Ho, Ho, Oy Vey

"We had a table at Fondren Unwrapped, and I was asking people, 'Do you have any Jewish friends? This would be a great gift for them!' And, most people answered, ...


I Can See Clearly Now

"Don't put those on, they'll give you a headache," my mother would tell me when I was little. She was referring to her coke-bottle glasses that she only wore at ...


All in the Family

The drummer bobs her head as she keeps steady, brassy time, giving the cymbals a lot of love in just the right places. The bass player strums his six-string bass ...


ZZQ Revisited

Some of my earliest memories involve music, more specifically the music that my parents listened to—Cat Stevens, The Beatles, Peter Frampton—all these albums were on heavy rotation at our house ...


The Real Deal

People come up to Shaun Patterson after a show and tell him, "We like the covers that you play but we really want to hear more of your original stuff."


Chakra Wakening

I have been practicing yoga on and off for a few years now, first taking classes at the YMCA, then Butterfly Yoga, which I still frequent when I can. But ...


Red Hot Tamales

On July 19, 2008, the JFP Chick Ball was in full force when a group of lovely ladies took the stage—upright bass, fiddle, guitar and ukulele in tow. For 20 ...


The Day the Music Died

Many of us carry around tiny, flat devices that hold hundreds or thousands of songs—the equivalent of hauling around crates upon crates of albums or CDs. How did we get ...

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