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Phil Bryant: Tea Party Governor

The running joke in Jackson political circles is that Phil Bryant is just three handshakes away from being a Hinds County sheriff's deputy.

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Mississippi AG’s Race: What’s at Stake?

Since announcing his candidacy for the state AG's office, Mike Hurst has made fighting public corruption the centerpiece of his campaign as well as attacks against Jim Hood, whom Hurst …

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An Open Letter to Our Teachers

I don't doubt for a second that there are bad teachers who just show up to collect a paycheck, but I can't recall ever having a teacher who I didn't …

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Two Hinds County Judge Runoffs Today

Today, some Hinds County voters are returning to the polls for two runoffs for two county judge seats.

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A Million and One Questions

As if Mississippi taxpayers haven't been burdened enough defending lawsuits that appear patently unconstitutional, the Mississippi House of Representatives approved a proposal last week to ban abortions more than 20 …

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20-Week Abortion Ban Advances to Senate, Possibly Courts

One female lawmaker gave it her best shot, but the Mississippi House of Representatives approved a proposal this morning to ban abortions after 20 weeks of conception.

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Gay Marriage Rulings Raise Questions

Two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions validating same-sex unions may have a wider effect in Mississippi and nationwide than previously thought.

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Clinic Wins Battle in Abortion War

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III halted a process that likely would result in JWHO's closure and make Mississippi the first state without an abortion clinic.

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Ruling Brings New Tension to Abortion Clinic

Although officials from Jackson Women's Health Organization are applauding yesterday's federal court ruling to keep the facility open, the mood remains tense at the Fondren clinic.

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New Personhood Amendment Filed

Backers of 2011's unsuccessful Personhood amendment are back with a retooled effort.

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Banks Raises Personhood in Court Race

In its final push toward the Nov. 6 election, Rep. Earle Banks' campaign for a seat on the state's supreme court is deploying a different strategy in his race against …

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Barbour Folds After 'Poker' Remark

This week, former governor Haley Barbour touched off more tumult, providing one more distraction for his party, by running his mouth.

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Inside The Abortion Clinic Battle

Emily Lyons arrived at work early the morning of Jan. 30, 1998.

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New Abortion Regs Issued

On the same day that a federal judge heard arguments in the ongoing controversy over a new law aimed at abortion doctors, the Mississippi State Department of Health quietly rolled …

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Clinic Remains Open

State attorneys for the abortion-clinic law say the governor and lieutenant governor's statements about its intent shouldn't matter because they did not author the controversial bill. The judge may not …


Ballot Initiatives Draw Reaction

While the proposed Personhood amendment garnered most of the attention locally as well as from national media, voters approved two other controversial statewide ballot measures on Tuesday.


Bryant Claims Victory

In claiming victory as Mississippi's 64th governor, Phil Bryant invoked the names of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, former Mississippi Gov. Kirk Fordice and current Gov. Haley Barbour.


Under Fire, Barbour Backtracks on Personhood Doubt

Gov. Haley Barbour is trying to unring a bell after raising concerns about the wording of Initiative 26, Mississippi's Personhood amendment, earlier this week on several cable news shows. (Watch …

Campaign Shenanigans

Candidates are pulling out all the stops to attract votes, often, as many citizens are learning, with questionable if not unsavory tactics. One might expect it in the days leading …


Barbour: Legislature Better Place to Decide Personhood

Gov. Haley Barbour yesterday reiterated concerns he expressed earlier this week on MSNBC and Fox News about Mississippi's ballot Initiative 26, the proposed Personhood amendment.