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Early Voting, Online Registration, Felon Voting Back on Table in Legislature

Mississippians would be able to vote before Election Day and register online if legislation the House Apportionment and Elections Committee passed this week stays alive long enough to become law.

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Special Session to Fund Roads, Bridges May Depend on U.S. Supreme Court

Gov. Phil Bryant alluded to the possibility of a special session for infrastructure funding, if the U.S. Supreme Court allows states to start collecting use tax from online retailers.

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Election-Law Reform May Actually Happen in Mississippi

Election-law reform has been a slow process in Mississippi, but with the help of a bi-partisan committee's report, that could change soon.

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Tackling ‘Corrupting Effects’ of Election Laws

The Mississippi Legislature, at least so far, is showing more willingness to regulate campaign and election practices than at anytime in its history.

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Lost Revenue: Closing the ‘Amazon Tax’ Loophole

In the state's never-ending search for revenue—and as corporate and individual income-tax cuts loom—lawmakers are looking to shift the state's tax code, all while not losing revenue in the process.

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Campaign Finance, BP Money Bills Await Legislators

Thanks to BP, Mississippi has additional income to spend in the 2017 legislative session. The state received its first payment from BP from the 2010 oil-spill settlement last summer.

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Lawmakers Take on Capitol Complexity, ‘Amazon’ Sales Tax and Craft Breweries

The City of Jackson could receive financial support for its infrastructure this year, but how that will work varies on both ends of the statehouse. The Senate and House versions ...

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Hear Online Sales Tax Case, AG Hood Asks

Attorney General Jim Hood has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a 1992 decision, Quill v. North Dakota, which prohibited states from implementing online sales taxes on businesses not ...

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As Money Flows to Hopefuls, Hattiesburg Votes to Elect New Legislator

Hattiesburg residents have their choice of four candidates in the special election for House District 102, which they vote in today, to replace former Rep. Toby Barker's seat in the ...

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Secretary of State Launches Voter Registration Status Tool

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann launched a new part of the Y'all Vote website on Wednesday, Sept. 6, that allows Mississippians to easily see if they are registered to vote—and ...

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Mississippians Give $12.3 Million to GoFundMe Campaigns

Scrolling through Facebook, it's almost impossible not to see a GoFundMe campaign these days. The Internet age has made generosity simple: the click of a button and a few online ...

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Fixing (Some) Roads and Bridges Still Possible in 2017 Session

While the Mississippi Legislature has not proposed—let alone approved—a comprehensive plan to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure, the Legislature could take some steps this year to ensure that some additional ...

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Preppin’ for November: ‘Y’all Vote’

With the presidential election drawing near, Mississippians who are registered to vote can change their addresses up until the day before the election due to new rules the Mississippi Legislature ...

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From Welfare to Divorce: What's Dead, What's Alive in the Legislature

Criminal-justice and welfare reform are alive to see another day, but adding abuse as grounds for divorce and election reform were dead on arrival.

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Welty Library Opens New Tech Lab, Will Offer Free Classes

Local job seekers may benefit from several upgrades to the Eudora Welty Library in downtown Jackson, including a new technology learning lab, 44 new computers and a freshly painted autism ...

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Infrastructure Funding Alive in Mississippi House

Repairing the state's roads and bridges may still be a priority of the Mississippi House of Representatives, with members voting to increase funding for infrastructure by about $150 million starting ...

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Expungements: A ‘Fresh Start’

Laura Brown wanted to work at a local daycare and was shocked when her background check brought up two charges from over a decade ago.

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Gov. Bryant Closes Campaign Account, Starts 'Imagine Mississippi PAC'

Gov. Phil Bryant terminated his campaign-finance account on Jan. 31, disbursing the funds to other political committees, candidates and charitable organizations.

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JSU Students Stand Up to Sexual Violence

GIRL is a JSU Feminist Majority chapter that is taking to the streets on campus, demanding more safety and awareness about risk female students face.

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Third Graders Improve Pass Rate on Reading Test Statewide

Third graders around the state improved their scores on the reading assessments required for promotion to the fourth grade this year. Statewide, 93.2 percent of third graders passed the test, ...