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What Happened to VAWA?

The Violence Against Women Act has been hailed as one of the most successful measures to reduce domestic abuse in the United States.

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Don’t Look Away from Abuse

Violence isn't something that happens to other people. Every day, sexual violence happens in all neighborhoods, rich and poor.

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How Clinton is Reducing Domestic Abuse

Tamra Morgan was the driving force behind putting a batterer's intervention program into the Clinton judicial system's toolkit. The program has significantly reduced domestic violence in the city.

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Batterer’s Intervention: Changing Minds, Saving Lives

Early on in Ben Ellard's career as the program manager of the Batterer's Intervention Program at Pearl's Center for Violence Prevention, he had a profound experience while processing a new …

Anti-Violence Programs: 'Absolutely Ineffective'

Congress enacted the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 with laudable goals. It wanted to both prevent and treat intimate partner abuse, specifically against women in America. Since its enactment, …

Domestic Violence

Angel of the Court

When it comes to domestic violence, the best defense is an orchestrated, integrated justice system. That's the kind of system that earned the Clinton Municipal Court this year's Angel Award …

Domestic Violence

JFP Hosts Domestic Abuse Forum at Welty Library

Why do men abuse? Why do women stay? How can the community stop the cycle of domestic abuse in a state that is among the most dangerous for women?

Domestic Violence

Barbour to DV Victims: ‘You Can't Trust Us'

Also see: JFP Domestic Abuse Archive and 2008 investigation of Barbour's domestic pardons.

Domestic Violence

Kristen Thigpen

Before accepting her new job with the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Kristen Thigpen didn't personally know anyone who had been a victim of intimate partner abuse. Since she took …

Domestic Violence

Jones Drafts Legislation to Protect Abuse Victims

A Mississippi Gulf Coast lawmaker is drafting a bill that will protect domestic-violence victims from being victimized again. Rep. Brandon Jones, D-Pascagoula, vice-chairman of the House Insurance Committee, says his …

Domestic Violence

Area's First Batterer's Intervention Program Coming to Jackson

Domestic violence. It's such a bland, vanilla euphemism for some of the most brutal and damaging pain that people inflict on one another. Brutal, of course, because people—mostly women and …

Mini-Grants Available to Abused Women

Heather Spencer's legacy lives on to protect Mississippi women who are the victims of domestic violence. Spencer's family and friends organized the non-profit Heather's T.R.E.E. shortly after George Bell III …

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Woman on a Mission

Standing an easy 6 feet tall in her fashionable beige wedge sandals, Sandy Middleton strode into the Copiah County sheriff's station. She breezed past the unmanned reception desk, barely pausing, …

Domestic Violence

It Won't Happen to Me

Why George Bell III stopped bludgeoning Heather Spencer on that June night is anyone's guess. Perhaps his hammer slipped out of his hand as Spencer's blood made it slick. Perhaps …


Heather Wagner

Heather Wagner credits her mother, Jane Philo, with inspiring her career in victims' rights law. Now retired, Philo spent 23 years working with victims of domestic violence in Biloxi, and …

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Women’s Rights, Safety Again at Issue

Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, knows his anti-abortion "heartbeat" bill likely will not survive the current session of the Mississippi Legislature, but he introduced it anyway.

Domestic Violence

[Mott] Happiness Worth Celebrating

For too long in Mississippi, the legal community--police, lawyers and judges--have seen domestic abuse as a problem best dealt with at home. Women bring violence on themselves, the thinking goes; …


Are You An Abuser?

Domestic abuse can take many forms, and physical violence is only one of them. If you think you might be an abuser, here are some questions to ask yourself:

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A New Reality

Pornography—the vehicle by which many boys learn how to be men—has turned women into objects of loathing, abuse and violence.

Domestic Violence

[Mott] Not One More Victim

The bad economy and shrinking budget is not an excuse for failing to add teeth to laws protecting women.