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Is the Payday Soon Over for Payday Lenders?

De'Keither Stamps says that the more money people spend on payday-loan and check-cashing fees, the less they have to help bolster the City's treasury by purchasing goods and services.

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Expert: Parent-blaming Does Little to Prevent Crime

Overwhelmingly, parent-blaming was the most frequent mantra at a recent crime forum at Wingfield High School, with visible frustration over the need for families to keep their kids out of …

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Eubanks Creek: A Step Closer to Relief

Residents along a section of Eubanks Creek in Fondren are a step closer to getting relief from flooding and high-cost flood insurance. In the past year, developers, architects and city …

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War Against Potholes: The City Battles Nature, Resources

To people in Jackson, who have to battle blown tires, crooked front-end alignments and nearly drowned children, the distinction between potholes, sinkholes and utility cuts are meaningless.

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Future of Uber in Jackson Safe For Now?

The fate of Uber is clearer after the Jackson City Council voted 3 to 1 for a set of regulations designed to address public safety and other issues for transportation-network …

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Stamps: No New Payday Loan, Check Cashing, Liquor, Pawn Stores

A Jackson city councilman wants to put a halt to the expansion of payday loan stores, check cashers and liquor stores in the capital city.

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JPD: Carjackings Up, Thieves May Be Targeting Women

The Jackson Police Department is conducting investigations into six cases involving perpetrators committing the crimes of carjacking, armed robbery of an individual and auto theft. The suspects, on foot or …

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Map of Jackson Sites Where Lead Levels Exceeded Action Levels

On Jan. 28 Mississippi state health officials notified the City of Jackson that it had found lead in 22.4 percent of the 58 Jackson homes it sampled in July 2015. …

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Unfriendly Skies: Can Jackson Save Its Airport?

The City of Jackson, which controls the 3,381 acres of land the airport occupies, is bracing for a looming battle for its control with the State of Mississippi.

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The People Who Want to Save Farish Street

A businessman is pointing to his experience redeveloping what he called a "ghetto" in his home city of Denver to assure Jackson officials that he can jumpstart Farish Street, the …

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Jackson Has Long Been at High Risk for Lead Poisoning

Thirteen Jackson homes may have had higher-than-actionable levels of lead in their water last summer, but officials are assuring the public that the city is no Flint, Mich.

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City: Water Safe to Drink Despite High Lead Levels, 100 More Homes to Be Tested

Some 100 additional homes in Jackson will be tested for high levels of lead, city and state health officials said today.

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Potential Farish Street Developer Leroy Smith Makes Pitch to JRA

Leroy C. Smith, a Denver-based developer, made his pitch today for why he is the person who should take on redevelopment of Farish Street.

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Tax Breaks Likely for Megasite

A hush-hush development in rural Hinds County will likely get a boost from local and Mississippi taxpayers.

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Uber Safety, Fairness Back Before City Council

When it comes to regulating Uber—and other transportation network companies that might follow—the Jackson City Council is walking a fine line.

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Sen. Horhn to Seek Yes or No Vote in Legislature on State Flag Change

State Sen. John Horhn, D-Jackson, said he will file a bill asking lawmakers to take an up or down vote to keep or change the Mississippi state flag, the last …

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ALEC: Mississippi Economy Just So-So

Mississippi is a poor state with the potential to be a rich state, a new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council shows.

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Kenny Stokes Asks DOJ to Investigate 'Threats' Against Gun Rights

Kenny Stokes is going on offense and taking aim at his detractors.

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Welcome to Mayberry: The JFP Interview with Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason

Victor Mason, 59, took over from Sheriff Tyrone Lewis on Dec. 30, becoming the second African American to serve as the top law-enforcement officer in the state's largest county by …

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New Resort Plan Satisfies Hal & Mal’s

Malcolm White is backing down from threats he made about moving Hal & Mal's out of Jackson, thanks to recent action the Jackson City Council took to squelch a controversy …