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‘We Back Laughing’: RaDeazy Herrin Drive Brings Comedy to Picayune

After a three-month hiatus, Herrin Drive Entertainment of Picayune, Miss., will host the “We Back Laughing” comedy show on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, as a means of celebrating the new …

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2013 Chick Ball Donations

Here are some of this year's Chick Ball donations.

With the 9th Annual JFP Chick Ball coming up on Saturday, July 20, the donations have been arriving fast. Here is a list of the donations and donors we have …

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10 Easy and Fun Ways to Help the Chick Ball & Fight Sex Trafficking

Here are 10 easy ways you can help:

It is JFP Chick Ball season in Jackson, and we need your help to fight domestic abuse—this year to start a rape crisis center and raise awareness about sexual assault …

Music Listings

June 24, 2012 - Sunday


Hot Shots, Byram - Mike and Marty's Jam Session

Music Listings

June 23, 2012 - Saturday


Martin's - Zoogma with Space Capone

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Cooper-Stokes Wants New Hearing

LaRita Cooper-Stokes has asked a judge for a new hearing in the case of the Ward 3 Jackson City Council runoff election.

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‘I Didn't Have a Clue'

Desmeon Thomas lived a different life before 2002, one filled with the idolization of money, cars and jewelry. After he graduated from Murrah High School in 2001, he became involved …

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Patsy Mink

This Saturday marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most important pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress when it comes to women's athletics. On June 23, 1972, President …

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Your Stylist Knows

Those of you who are regular readers of this column may recall that some months ago, I acquired my Fantasy Hair—I got long hair thanks to extensions from Paul Prine …

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Flaming Lips Light Up City

The Flaming Lips have a challenge ahead of them: eight cities, eight concerts, nearly 700 miles on a bus, more than 10 supporting and collaborating artists, one awards show, 24 …


The Flaming Lips Light Up Jackson

The Flaming Lips have a challenge ahead of them: eight cities, eight concerts, nearly 700 miles on a bus, more than 10 supporting and collaborating artists, one awards show, 24 …

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The Mysterious (and Noisy) New Duo

When the indie group Youth Lagoon performed at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch in Oxford, Miss., they needed an opening act. At the time, ILLLS was just a side project …

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How Malaco Got Its Groove Back

You might remember a piece I wrote for Boom Jackson magazine a couple years ago about Jackson's Malaco Records, the world-famous and highly revered label known as a soul, blues …


The Best In Sports In 7 Days

I always have a beard, but I decided not to trim it for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Next year, I'll challenge the JFP guys to grow playoff beards with me …

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This Foley Can Jump

I sat in the Mississippi Basketball and Athletics center watching Jackson's new American Basketball Association team hold its first tryouts with a nice turnout of about 18 to 20 players …

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Soccer's Inspirations

Watching Euro 2012 is interesting, and not just from a sports standpoint. The soccer has been great, of course, but the history and traditions of the teams in this tournament …

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Beyond ‘Things'

The emptiness and superficiality that many people feel in modern life is a reflection of our world's materialism. We covet things because we have no "thing" with which to measure—or …

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Life as Prayer and Dialogue

Much of the anger and dissension we see around us today is the result of the unpardonable practice of mixing politics and religion.

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Vampires: Change Agents?

Each generation likes to think of itself as completely new and different from those that went before, but a glance at popular media raises the question: Are our monsters predictors …

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No Cons in Cans

When Krueger Brewing Company released its cream ale in a can in Richmond, Va., on Jan. 24, 1935, its sales soared by 550 percent. That same year, 37 breweries followed …