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Everyone Needs a Roof

You've heard it before: For many Americans, homelessness is just a couple of paychecks away.

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Just Average Girls

Becoming a victim of sex trafficking can happen to those from "good" homes just as easily as it does to those from "bad" or poor circumstances. The crime cuts across ...

State Government

UPDATED: Hosemann: Brennan Center 'Deceptive'

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann barely stopped short of calling the Brennan Center for Justice a pack of liars.

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How The Clarion-Ledger Got It Wrong: The Importance of Context

As part of its coverage of Mississippi's proposed execution of Michelle Byrom, The Clarion-Ledger's Therese Apel wrote a puff piece that ostensibly explored whether the United States reserves its harshest ...

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Lullaby and Good Night

A 2013 National Sleep Foundation study reported that 67 percent of respondents said they don't get enough sleep, especially on workdays, and a lack of sleep can affect us dramatically.

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Start Where You Are

Every journey has a beginning. Trying to start in the middle—or at the end—is unrealistic and can leave us frustrated and defeated, even with a healthy dose of positive thinking.

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Palin and the Fringe

The extreme right is declaring a third-party victory with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket this fall.

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A Beautiful, Brutal Reality

Gwendolyn Magee, who died in 2011, drew international acclaim for her striking quilts, which elevated an African and African American folk tradition to fine art.

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Peter Heller

As a writer, Peter Heller seems as complex as his character. He's a frequent contributor to National Geographic, Outside and Men's Journal magazines, as well as Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Universal Earth

Kristen Tordella-Williams has an affinity for dirt. Not the stuff that gathers under the couch, but the blacky-brown soil that gets under your nails, and the mound scraped away to ...

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Stephen Cole's Ephemeral Permanence

Sculptor Stephen Coles will exhibit his work in “B+ (new work and investigations)” at Millsaps College Nov. 5-Dec. 17.

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Health-Care Navigators Fight Misinformation

Jarvis Dortch, program manager for the Mississippi Health Advocacy Group and a marketplace navigator for the Affordable Care Act, says many people don’t know that the ACA is the same ...

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Newton H. James

Those who knew him best say that Newton H. James was a brave man at a time when such bravery came at the risk of life and livelihood in Mississippi. ...

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Lessons in Abstraction

For every abstraction that leaves you cold, another may set your imagination afire. The viewer's experience is essential to abstract art, says Jackson artist Jonathan Berry, even though it was ...

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Melody Moody

Melody Moody works to expand access and improve safety for bike riders and pedestrians in Mississippi.

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Where Voter ID Stands in Mississippi

After years of unsuccessfully trying to get the Mississippi Legislature to pass a voter ID law, last November, state conservatives put the issue of voter ID to the state's voters.

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The 'Gun-Show Loophole'

Mississippians with a yen to add to their personal arsenals can head out to a gun show in the state just about any weekend of the year.

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Clay Hardwick Turns Up the Arts

Clay Hardwick doesn't name his canvas creations. Instead, each piece carries the year, a season and a sequential number: "2012-fall-08," for example.

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Woods: Sacred Trust

District 4 Hinds County supervisor candidate Alvin Woods believes supervisors should treat their constituents' money as a sacred trust.

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Move Your Feet

Democracy is people, and the people are us.